Can You See Me Now? DIY Privacy

I live in a 1901 Craftsman that has gone through three BIG renovations and more teeny updates than I care to share.  One of the larger renovations was the Carriage House on the property.  It was originally a small wooden sail boat house that housed the previous owner’s SunFish.  The windows were so old the wind whistled through them and the floor was dirt!  I thought it would be fun to re-do it and use it as an office space.  Isn’t that how these projects ALWAYS happen???? It seems like such a fun and easy thing…..I began interviewing Contractors.

Fast forward a couple of years of permits and “historical” housing committees and viola!  a fabulous space.  One of my favorite details about the space is the French Door entry.  I loved that the sun came through during the day but, was a bit concerned about night time and privacy.  After literally MONTHS of attempting to cut and apply window film (I cannot tell you how many rolls of that stuff I have purchased…..) I finally went online and checked out what some of the expert DIY-ers were doing.

The “ah-ha” moment arrived when I saw this product on a DIY site.

My thought was “where has this been?”  So, purchased a couple of cans and got down to business.  Now, I am not a long-time DIY-er so, I find I do these teeny projects on the fly…..I took time to prep with paper and tape and was ready to spray the film onto the panes.

Here is the “take away” I want to share.  It IS easy to use and you can use one coat or several depending upon the level of opaque-ness you want.  They also tell you that the area in which you are doing this should be ventilated.  What I didn’t know as a rookie is that there are SO many chemicals in this stuff it stinks up the space forever!  It’s now been three days and I still cannot stay in the office for more than 15 minutes without a headache.  Lesson learned.

That being said, I love the result!  The spray product can be held in ANY position….no worrying about lack of spray when you turn it upside down like in the old days.  I still have the sunlight but there is total privacy once the sun goes down.

Have you used this product at your house?  How did you handle the lingering smell?  Where did you use it?

xoxo, Rosanna
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