Newest Addiction from Paris

French women are legendary for their style and wellness savvy.  It’s so true!

We visited Paris in June this year as a part of our Family Trip.  It was HOT!  Not just in Paris but literally all of Europe was on fire with record-breaking temperatures.  The theme of our trip should have been “Sweaty Bangs”.  So hard to look cute and stylish when your makeup is doing that Alice Cooper thing…, just dated myself (again), right?!  Well, it makes the point, right?  Not pretty.

However, from the time we landed these chic creatures were everywhere.  The majority of the girls there are thin…not emaciated- they’re  “healthy-thin” in a way that encourages staring and, ok envy.  Their skin is luminous and plump and lightly tanned (hello healthy fats! Olive oil! Avocado! Butter) and they are lean as though they workout So there I am at breakfast, lunch, & dinner like side-eyeing these amazing French girls. Sort of like WHAT ARE YOU EATING?? Their diets consist of lots of fresh fish, veggies, and fruits…with a daily side of wine (or Aperol Spritz). YES, I am fawning.  Now, you may be wondering where I am going with this blatant adoration and study of their food habits.   I started to see that many of the girls in and around Paris were eating crackers.

GG Crackers are all the rage in Europe!

So, of course, I had to have them immediately!  But first, back to our Rose Cottage VRBO to investigate.  I found them on Amazon (I belong to a support group for my Amazon addiction…along with both of my daughters).


I want to be honest guys, these crackers are bland. They’re not the snappiest option in the cracker aisle. It’s not a bag of PopChick, you know.  They ARE great for low carb, high fiber eating.  And, they DO keep you full.  I love to use them in my Intermittent Fasting program.  I have a couple of crackers with coffee in the morning prior working out and am able to wait until lunch for my next meal.  And, they come in some super fun flavors…..pumpkin (timely), cinnamon raisin and oat bran.  I have an amazing Overnite Oat recipe using these magical crackers on an upcoming blog.  Quick and easy to make and grab when you are on-the-go the next morning.

AAANNNYYYWAY, have you already tried these?  Which flavor?  How did you find out about them?

xoxo, Rosanna
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