A Piscine in French is “pool”.  So you can imagine my confusion when Dominique (French Goddess we met in Paris this Summer) calmly ordered one from our bartender!  To my surprise, this is what arrived….

It turns out that the ever-chic French have a distinct cocktail they like for their “Apero” (cocktail hour) during the Summer.  Like all savvy French women, Dominique drinks these to save on calories (she looks amazing) and to be able to sit for hours and still have her cocktail.  The French love to sit outside and DO take long weekends (unlike crazed, workaholic US individuals…..I feel my hand going up…) and 2 hour lunches.  Can I be French, pretty please??!!!

Here is how you make them:

The Piscine

Chilled Glass

Fill to top with ice

Pour wine or champagne (lots of Rose being consumed here……) half way up.  Enjoy!


Tres Chic!  Try one and let me know what you think……Bon Chance!

xoxo, Rosanna
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