I eat a lot of salads and love to put dressing on them BUT, I don’t like the idea of wasting my calories (and, increasing my waistline) on the pre-made dressings you buy at the store.  So, I ran across this super-skinny version last weekend and thought I’d share:


Lowest Calorie Dressing Ever

This recipe works well with a large salad.

2 tablespoons of extra Virgin Olive oil ( EVOO )

6 dashes of Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 Meyer Lemon Juice

2-3 dashes of Italian seasoning

2-3 dashes of garlic salt

Shake, shake, shake.  I use a little curet with a lid.  Or, I’ve used a blender to mix.  Whatever you have handy.  The next component is “to taste” so add accordingly….. garlic salt and Italian seasoning is one, two or three dashes. Mix EVOO, red wine vinegar, half a lemon [ just the juice ], seasoning and garlic salt together; shake well. This dressing works well on any type of veggies. Pairs well with a dry red wine…..just saying.  I’m pretty sure this is part of the nutrition value, right?!


Let me know what you think.  What kind of salad did you use it on?  Did anyone you were serving know it was SUPER SKINNY?  Leave me a comment below:)


xoxo, Rosanna
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