I think everyone starts their fitness plans the same way……we go right off of the edge and commit to an hour at the gym maybe 3 – 5 times a week.  Then “life” happens and we ditch the plan.  No “raise of hands” needed, but how many times does that happen?  Every year?  What if we chose to start slowly and mindfully….no gianormous pressure…..no hour long blocked out calendars……strolling into it…..


Your normal plan of attack is, I would guess, full-throttle forward  movement scheduling daily gym sessions a few days a week. But, why not take it back a notch?  And start small. We’re talking 5-minute workout small.

I am often asked in the gym how one can lose weight and tone up.  My usual response is that they need to start slow with sensible routines to get into condition first.   It is an immediate way to combat any excuse you may have as to why you can’t exercise — after all, who doesn’t have five minutes somewhere in their day?  Some people say, ‘I don’t have 30 minutes to work out; I can’t even get to the gym; where do I start?”  Start with a mini workout — literally 5 minutes.”   Maybe you lift the detergent bottle several times on each side while sorting laundry…..think outside the box.

It could be crunches while you’re watching TV, squats while you fold the laundry or a walk around the neighborhood.  It sounds silly but these are the types of movements that you want to start doing so you get that muscle memory.   You trick yourself into  seeing the workout as just five minutes and who knows? You may be inspired to go for five more minutes and that will build and build.

This little mental hack is twofold. First, it’s easier to convince yourself to do something for five minutes rather than 30, especially if you’ve been off your workout grind for a while. Beyond that, you are slowly starting to condition your mind to put health front and center and getting your body used to moving, which will help build motivation over time.  Get some gal pals together and walk (and talk trash) or agree to meet at a gym and get through a couple of exercises together.

Are you exercising regularly?  How did you start your routine?  Did you have an “accountability partner?”  Do you know you DON’T need a gym to get a great workout?  What is your current physical condition?



xoxo, Rosanna
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