How many times have I heard “Flying is SUCH a hassle these days…?”  TSA, lost luggage, security lines and crabby layover passengers draped over several chairs is enough to make you reconsider that exotic getaway you are considering, right?  Well…….

Technology is going to make your trip to the airport FUN again.  Promise.

CUE THE CAR:  I like to use Silvercar when possible (they are expanding but, not at all airports yet).  They rent only Audis through an App and deliver cars to the airport to pick you up.  Pretty great, right?  No more traditional rental counter!  That’s me driving up PCH toward Santa Barbara with the cute Audi convertible…..HUGE smile in the sun.  Give them a try.

LANDING STRIPS (LIGHTS) FOR PASSENGERS: High-tech lighting systems to assist in getting you back to your parking garage and help you find your car.  Those sometimes awful restrooms are getting into gear too……tech will alert maintenance to lavs that need cleaning or supplies.  FINALLY, right?!!!

NEED A NAP OR HAVE TO STAY THE NIGHT AT AIRPORT:  Short stay sleeping pods and micro hotels offer passengers rest in terminals.  Look for more hotel-adjacent hotels like the recently opened InterContinental at Mineapolis-St. Paul Airport.

WHERE IS MY BAG?:  There is an industry-wide commitment to employing new tools such as radio-frequency ID tags and monitoring apps so you can track your bag quickly and know when they’ve been delivered to the claim area.  This is a tag I use and love.  It’s affordable and I will NEVER have to call….wait online…..get the crabby operator who could not be less helpful:) It’s a WIN!!

YOUR MUG IS YOUR TICKET:  Get ready for facial scans.  How James Bond, right?  Just a quick look at your passport and you are on your way.  Like Heaven for boarding.

IN-AIRPORT DELIVERY:  You can NOW use tablets to order food at the Newark Liberty Airport.  Just shop from your phone or iPad and have food AND goodies delivered.  Yay! an end to loading up in that super temping gummy bear store……I can feel the pounds just melting off…….

Have you seen anything new and notable at the airport while traveling?  Do you use tracking for your luggage?  Does your airport have a hotel closeby?

Travel safely and, above all, have a blast!


xoxo, Rosanna
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