If you love to travel like I do, it is mandatory that you have a couple of things:

  1.  Wi-fi
  2.  Work Space

So, I wanted to share some spots I’ve frequented that are tailored to the business traveler who must keep in touch while they move around the world.  Here are some great work spaces that appeal to both locals and residents:


You get both a social club and work spot here.  And, honestly, don’t we all socialize while working? This spot tends to attract leaders from media, nonprofits and the arts.

In Hong Kong, guests can use the coworking spaces, shared with locals.  In DC, you can browse a library stocked by a local justice nonprofit.

Cost: from $199.

SELINA (Miami & 25 sites across Latin America):

This one tends toward “sun worshippers”…..isn’t that an automatic when dealing with Miami??!!!

The lodging options range from hammocks to suites.  Some feature wellness center, theaters and restaurants.

Work at a desk or meeting table.  Really up to your comfort level.

Cost: from $40.

MAMA SHELTER / MAMA WORKS (Belgrade, Rio, LA, Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris, Prague):

I was introduced to this concept last year during my speaking gig in Belgrade, Serbia.  Very budget-minded and creative.  Great communal areas and fun, trendy restaurants.

The hotel features loft-like lounges and executive suites.

Cost: from $90. for Mama Shelter and from $6. for Mama Works.  A steal.


Attracts the “hip” entrepreneurs and creatives.

This hotel is known for exclusive events which, of course, attract startups and media types.  You can join members on the rooftop for a swim or mix with locals at the Red Rooster.

The workspace is open to guests of the hotel and range from casual lounges to a 20 seat boardroom with multiple plasma screens.  Pretty swank!  Champagne is almost a must here…….Cheers!

Cost:  from $310.

Have you ever used one of these work spaces?  Good experience?  New location I’ve not listed here?

Travel the Globe AND be a boss babe!

xoxo, Rosanna
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