Okay, I think if we are honest, getting together with a “bestie” or a group of gal pals is the BEST medicine for EVERYTHING.  Not to say that the boys don’t offer great counsel or company….but, pour some wine or martinis and get women around a table…..I think we could solve all of the ills and still have time to shop!  Just saying.

I’ve noticed over the past decade that the concept of “all female” travel packages have become a “thing”.  There are trips designed for any type of traveler from sisters, singles to couples to “escapees” from children and housework for a week.  Destinations are as varied as each client is….costs are varied as well.

I thought it would be fun to list a few companies who really know what they are doing and put together amazing trips.  Here we go!  I’m counting on all of you to reach out to me if I’ve forgotten someone fabulous or there is someone you’ve tried and are wanting to share.

ADVENTURE WOMEN:  Listings for 2019 include a 17 day trek to Everest Base Camp (the good doctor and I have this on calendar for 2020….I think I really just want the Sherpa!) and a bike tour in Puglia.

REI ADVENTURES:  A kayaking tour of Washington’s San Juan Island or 9 days of Island hopping in Greece are on tap for this group.

WILD WOMEN EXPEDITIONS:   In 2019 you can choose from 200 tours in 20 countries.  Bathe elephants in Thailand (we did this in India and it was amazing!) or ride Criollo horses in Patagonia.

WHOA TRAVEL:  The focus with this entity is their interaction with local women.  You can climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a woman who has lived close to the peak for years.  I love chatting with women all over the world.  Gives such a unique perspective on life.

Where are YOU going this year?  2019?  Have you traveled with any of these groups?  What did you think about accommodations?  Length of trip?

PS.  My truly favorite thing is meeting women in restrooms both in US and internationally.  Something about that spot inspires great conversations and exchange of experience while traveling.  Or, just hanging around locally:)  Try it!  I learn the BEST stuff in there…..

xoxo, Rosanna
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