Our next stop is Mt Cook.  We decided to hike the glacier there…..there are two guys there who LOVE to ski and started this glacier hiking company a decade ago.  They are knowledgeable, rowdy and just plain fun to be around.

This is the only hotel in town.  Spartan, but the views are spectacular from every room.  After a good night’s sleep….we are off to the hiking office to be fitted for our crampons (placed on bottom of our hiking boots for traction on the ice) and WEIGHED:(  ughhhh .  Weight was important for the helicopter (you may notice a trend here….I have quite an addiction for this method of travel these days).

They give you layers and layers of clothing to wear for the hike.  Be prepared for extreme cold if you have a chance to do this hike.

A little scary, right?!

Glacier Hiking is definitely on the “repeat” list for the future.  So exciting.  The ice formations actually move from year to year.  The holes in the ice are so deep and the water icy blue.  It’s exciting and stunning and the helicopter pilots incredibly talented!  They land on a piece of ice that is approximately 4′ x 4′ .

Have you done any glacier hiking?  Visited an exciting glacier location we should know about?  Let us know….always on the prowl for the next big adventure!


xoxo, Rosanna
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