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I LOVE to get some sort of movement in everyday (sorry to harp on this).  I know that if you’ve had health issues or live alone, it can be challenging.  So, I wanted to share this article I read this weekend in hopes of inspiring you to find ways to make moving/exercising something that makes you smile!

Josette Tkacik teaches the nation’s MOST attended Zumba class six times a week out of an old ballroom in Santa Barbara, CA.  Her students range from age nine to 91 and they come for Tkacik’s uplifting chat as much as for the actual workout.  Her words come from the heart because it was only eight years ago that she was wheelchair-bound with swollen joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis – an affliction doctors said could completely disable her if she didn’t start an intense pharmaceutical regimen!

At the time she couldn’t get dressed by herself, let alone dance.  She focused on a dramatic diet, emotional healing, and eventually, Zumba.  Two years later she was sympton-free of her disease and began sharing her joy with the world through her class, which she calls “more powerful than any other stress reducer on the planet.”

The ability of movement to reduce stress – thereby enhancing the ability to share more joy with those around us – is Tkacik’s message to the world.

A recent study by Harvard Medical School says exercise can be as effective a treatment to depression as antidepressants; many scientists believe it even prevents it.  “We spend so much of our time caring for others and little time to nurture, nourish and celebrate ourselves,” says Tkacik.  “We all feel better when we are dancing!”

What health challenge have you overcome with movement?  Start small – keep going!  Let us know what motivates you to keep moving.


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