Our trip through Africa entailed lots of stops in rural areas on our way to a resort or safari.  On this particular day, we took a private plane from Dar Es Saalam (remind me to share my “bathroom” story…..) to Msmasi Pennisula.  The pilots in Africa are SO talented and fly into areas that don’t really have a formal airport or, for that matter, landing strips.

This is their airport…..a teeny bit different from those most of us are accustomed to, right?  The waiting areas are outside and the “hot ticket” here are cans of Pringles sold by locals.

It doesn’t matter where we travel, our American Trash Food  is always popular!  A proud moment for all of us…..

This is the luggage handling equipment.  Everything is still done by hand at a realllllyyyyyy “relaxed” manner.

For some bizarre reason, I was convinced that an “all pink” ensemble was just the thing for a country that consists of dust and dirt.  I might share a small tip…..do NOT go down this road.  You look like a crazed 6 year old by the time you arrive at your resort…….clothes covered in dust and dirt and sweaty bangs.  Pretty, right?!

This is their Firehouse for the airport.  I can sense the confidence this is instilling in you as I write:)  We had a good laugh about this……once we were safely in the air.

We landed in Tanzania and had this Blue Monkey as a greeter!  He was not at all bothered by us and sat and stared at us the entire time we were there…

Follow us as our journey takes us to the Manor House located in the middle of a coffee plantation.  Absolutely stunning.

Have you been to this part of the world?  Where did you stay?  Did you fly into one of these rural airports?

Happy Travels!


xoxo, Rosanna
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