Another season……another “selfie” in the locker room before our first run.  If I could only do ONE thing…..skiing with Missy K would be it.  No questions.  We introduced the Fabulous Missy K to skiing when she was just about 3 years old.  Most of her ski days at that point were full of music, games and other kids sitting by the fireplace at the Golden Peak Day Care Center.  The Good Doctor scoped this out and it is such a GOOD thing if you’ve got littles that are not quite ready for that first trip down Riva……

This really says it all……when asked what she most likes about skiing her answer was “I LOVE to go fast!”.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the next Lindsay Vonn….

Ok, I really am going to get to the point here…..I do have 3000 hours of video to go with this is ya want to sign up:) heehee  typical Nana, right?!



It’s never too late to learn something new (again with the old dog / new tricks theme of “New Face of 60”).  What better place than on the slopes!  Whether it is for us or our grandchildren, we want a great ski instructor.  Beware, this is one of those places where we may want brain (or at least technique) candy rather than eye candy (did I type that for all to see????!!!! Clearly too much “cheer” during the holidays).  This is probably not the place to say “I want that” .  What we probably do not want (or need) is the spouse or significant one teaching us to ski.  It also may not be the best idea to teach our own children.  I will admit though that the Good Doctor did an  incredible job teaching  3 children and grandchildren– he was, however, a former instructor.  There are many things to consider when selecting your ski instructor.  Besides being PSIA certified, three qualities seem to stick out:

   1 – Find one who has a PASSION for what she/he is doing.  I want my instructor to have a fire in her belly and want to be out there even when it is absolutely freezing.  And, I want them not to “babysit” in the lodge eating Chocolate Chip Cookies the size of Kendall’s head…….

   2 – PATIENCE is an incredible virtue to find in a ski instructor.  Ski instructing can be incredibly difficult and frustrating for both students and instructors.  You don’t want someone who is just skiing along without really teaching or, raising their voices out of frustration.

   3 – I want an instructor who can COMMUNICATE with me. Tell me what I should do, then  communicate again by showing me what you want me to do.  I dislike seeing an instructor way ahead of  the class cruising down the groomers while the class/pupil is struggling behind! READ: oblivious

Last year we put Missy K – who has been skiing since she was 3 and a half – in the Vail Devo (Development)  program – all day, every weekend with some other kids and an amazing Coach – thank you Nikky!  This  was instruction/coaching as it should be!

If you put your child or grandchild in a ski school class, make sure you spend some time observing the  class both at the start and in the middle.  Is this really a class or is it very expensive babysitting.  Do not  hesitate to ask for a different instructor or class.  The child needs to be excited to go to the lesson and

especially at the end of the day.

Have you had any great experiences with instructors we should know about?  How did your littles react to the first time they were left with their instructor/Coach?  Would love to hear your thoughts so I don’t have to feel like the typical “over the edge” Nana……..  

Ski on and be safe!

PS.  Missy K is also quite an expert at the art of APRES skiing in Vail.


xoxo, Rosanna
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