In a performance-driven society that is in constant search of eternal youth, some people may find it difficult to realize that time has taken a toll on their body (hand raising here….in denial). A changing figure, the appearance of wrinkles, fading hair color, etc. Beyond these physical signs indicating that you are getting older and wiser, you may notice other changes as well: decreased energy or endurance, altered sleep, onset of health problems, shiny new parts, etc.

Health is an asset, a precious gift that is often taken for granted when we are young and can fly. As we age, we become more and more aware of its value, and sometimes, of its fragility. Therefore, the importance of caring for yourself and staying in good shape is crucial!


Aging is inevitable for everyone (I am still convinced that we can be SUPERAGERS with small, consistent changes in lifestyle), but it is possible to keep on smiling through it all. Why not? Taking charge of your of your health and well-being will help you to get through the years with confidence and optimism. Some unavoidable factors are out of your control, such as the aging process and menopause or andropause, but you can adopt good habits and a healthy lifestyle that will help you live better, and perhaps, longer.  With medical and nutritional advances, we can all better our health.

Some hacks on how to stay fit and healthy. You might even feel more energetic and youthful!

  1. Eat REAL food.  It’s the easiest way to good health.  Surviving on things that come in plastic wrap is NOT a good way to go.  Aim for fresh veggies, lean proteins and less sugar. Did you know that many chronic illnesses can be cured with a change of diet?
  2. Maintain a healthy weight. In addition to its harmful physical effects, being overweight can also affect your morale.  It’s also hard to travel, play golf and ski with excess weight.   Try to stay within 5 pounds of your “fighting weight” and cut back if you reach the 5 lb limit!
  3. Exercise regularlyIt’s never too late to start. Start small and be consistent.  If you blow it…start again the next day.  Find an activity that you enjoy  that will promote your cardiovascular, bone and muscle health, such as walking, bike riding, swimming, dancing, golfing, skiing etc.
  4. Be active EVERY day.  Going to the gym is a great idea, but to reap the benefits of physical activity, it’s simply a matter of being active a little every day.  Park a little farther away from the store.  Take the stairs rather than the elevator.  Walk your dog.  Use household items to “lift weights” at home.
  5. Quit smoking.  Smoking ages you faster and is harmful to your health in all sorts of ways. No other action will have as big an effect on your health as to quit smoking.  Get help if you are having trouble quitting.  Use the 1 800 quit line for support if you live alone.
  6. Chill.   It’s time to think of yourself and to reduce stress. Some activities may help you to relax such as yoga or meditation.  Walk with friends around the block.  Create a wine & book club.  Play golf  and walk in the sun.  Collect shells by the sea.  Call a friend and laugh.
  7. Laugh and enjoy your life.   Your health and happiness depend in part on the time you set aside for yourself to have fun. Spend time with the people you love, go out to see a show and seize the opportunities to have a good laugh!
  8. Use Your Brain. Stay active both in body and mind. Defy the effects of aging on your intellectual abilities by doing activities that stimulate the mind.  Word games and puzzles are great.  Trivia is challenging.  Reading is a great way to continue to learn.
  9. Check Out New Passions Passion is a motor that allows us to move forward at all ages. Take on the challenge and explore hobbies that will nurture your inner flame.  I am passionate about working out, skiing, golf and running.  I listen to podcasts and read to stay abreast of new information.
  10. Listen To Your Doc.  Seeing your health professionals regularly (doctor, dentist, specialist, etc.), following their advice and taking your medications every day as prescribed, are all effective ways to promote a longer and healthier life.  If you are seeing more than one professional, be sure they are communicating about changes made to your medications.  This is the number ONE concern for seniors.  Especially those living alone.

Which of these do YOU consider most important?  Have we missed one – leave a comment below and let us know.

Stay healthy and active…….It’s just a number.

xoxo, Rosanna
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