Let’s be honest……not everyone feels this is the most wonderful time of the year.  While I LOVE decorating and having those fun get-togethers and bubbly creations AND Christmas music……  I am also aware that many people are struggling and alone during the holidays.  If you know of someone who is NOT having a good time reach out to them.  A smile is free and brightens a day like nothing else!  So, the thing is – it is a great time of year – but it doesn’t mean every day feels GREAT for everyone.   I’ve had my fair share of “ughs” during the holidays, and I think it’s one of the busiest, pressure-filled times of the year.  It’s like we’re not supposed to feel anything but cheery and totally awesome from November-December. But that’s not realistic. People have funks all the time, no matter the month, and a lot of the time it’s out of our control.  But don’t despair……we’ve got your back with some fun ideas to bring back that smile and childlike wonder.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from going through hectic times or “ugghhs”, it’s that certain things feel good.  To that end, I am sharing some things that give the good feels if ya need them:)



It’s a bummer but, there is NO expiration on the “ugghhs”.  Sometimes (for me), they last a hour, sometimes they last days.  Rather than trying to rush through those days, just let it be.  Make an effort to remove expectations of how you’ll feel or how you’re *supposed* to feel. You might have moments where you feel better, only to feel back in that funk 20 minutes later, and that’s OK! I’ve found that removing the time expectations really helps ease the anxiety of surviving an “ugghhh”.   Stay positive and know that “this too shall pass”.


For me, one of the things that helps the most is giving back. There are SO many people less fortunate than I, and though I don’t recommend getting down on yourself because of this, simply give back. Do anything to give back in your community and it’ll give you a feel-good boost. Find “that thing”  then keep doing it! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to live up to any expectations during this time, but commit to something once a week – something that’s easy  to complete and that is important to you.  Maybe it’s cooking a meal for the homeless if you don’t want to leave the house, or walking dogs at the local shelter to get out of the house for a bit.   If you need more ideas, reach out to us in the comments…….we’ll share some great ideas from our followers!  One idea:  Light a Menorah for a friend of different faith…wait for the smile.


I think the concept of self-care is great but, sometimes I think it’s an added pressure. Honesty, some days I don’t feel like I have time or energy for it – too many other things to get done! What I’ve found,  is that having a self care plan can do wonders. It’s like once you zero in on what YOU need/want during certain times, it takes the stress out of it. Here’s exactly how to make a self care plan (see our previous blog on site.  It outlines, in detail,  how to design your own plan)  that works for you – not just some plan written by an editor somewhere that has nothing to do with YOUR life.

Mauna Kea Beach House – A REALLY good time was had by all here…….


Finally, something on this list that requires absolutely NO additional effort from you. I find that too many tasks on my list only makes the “ugghh”  worse – and spending time thinking of things I have to do is stressful.

Branch out and design a physical moodboard or spend time on Pinterest to help create a board that focuses on this “ugghh” mood can be helpful. By focusing on what you’re pinning, you might be able to pinpoint what’s causing your mood. For example, if you’re pinning a lot of cozy at home images, maybe you need more down time. If you’re pinning healthy bodies, maybe it’s time to start a gentle fitness routine (start small…..don’t get crazy). If you’re pinning hair, maybe you need a little time in the Salon!

You  may not get ALL of the inspo you need to get through your mood, but you will have fun!  I made my first board with a gal pal and was amazed by how entertaining it was……some flashback about glue sticks………

Are the Holidays stressful for you?  Do you know someone who is struggling this season?  What can you do to give yourself some down-time?

Good Thoughts and Snow to All,

This Elf has seen a lot of pre-Christmas Santa reporting over the years…..and, is back again for Missy K.  It gets into a LOT of mischief (Kendall is DELIGHTED by this) during the holidays.  Consider getting one of these for someone who needs some cheer…….

xoxo, Rosanna
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