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Some SURPRISING holiday Diet Busters…….

This study was published by the New England Journal of Medicine who found participants began to gain weight in October and continued seeing small gains in their weight through the New Year.  Now, before we all start to feel super guilty……it’s called “living well” and “having fun” during the holidays….something we SUPERAGERS find mandatory during the winter months.  So, let’s NOT be guilty and just take in the following 5 reasons it’s almost impossible to avoid extra calories during the holidays.


The festive holiday season means gathering at the table (anyone’s table) to share any meal with friends and family is huge!  And, the minute “Bubbles” are revealed……..Research presented at the AMA meeting found the chance of a lapse of diet was much higher when food was consumed in a social setting (meal sizes increased up to 44%!).

THE FIX:  Before you belly up for seconds/thirds, chat with your table mate.  This will slow you down and help you recognize when you are full.  


We all think that passing up cookies and cake helps keep the number on the scale from edging upward.  But, Marisa Moore, an RD thinks it’s a mistake to turn down goodies.  “Selecting a healthy treat (OMG, does this really happen?) when you really want a slice of your Aunt’s pecan pie (made with sugar and lard) may leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving MORE dessert later.

THE FIX:  Eat a slice of Auntie’s pie or cake – not both. Take 3 bites (one to say “hello”….one to say “yummmmm”….and one to say “goodbye”…..and enjoy!


You probably know that a glass of red wine is just 125 calories – and, has been shown to have a host of health benefits, including increasing HDL and reducing heart attacks.  But, raising a glass to toast is a slippery slope (and, SUPER fun my friends).  Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, shares “Being in a celebratory mood can lead to reduced inhibitions and a desire to eat more of the foods you tend to restrict during the year.”

THE FIX:  Drink in moderation and sip a glass of water between cocktails so you stay hydrated.  In all honesty……still working on this discipline:)  heehee


Average dinner plates have INCREASED 23% since 1900!  And unfortunately, you tend to fill the plate you have, right?!  You can eat 30% less if you use a salad plate or smaller serving plate.  We are all visual.  We eat with our eyes, right?  So, if you see lots of empty plate after going through the buffet line, you tend to feel less satisfied.  By simply filling a smaller plate, you can trick yourself into feeling like you’ve done a great job of filling it up!


Studies show it’s “normal” to consume more than 3,000 calories during your run-of-the-mill holiday meal.  But thinking you can STICK to a strict diet during the holidays is a huge mistake!  Anytime you focus on a food by calling it out as something to avoid can lead to a feeling of deprivation.  Yuck!  And, of course, later to binge eating……..I can attest to eating an ENTIRE wedge of Brie Cheese while helping to sort dishes after a party!  My thinking was that I had avoided some creamy delicious-ness during dinner……so, party on, right?!

THE FIX: Take a break from counting those pesky calories during the holidays.  a 2018 study found that taking a diet break helped dieters lost more weight.  Go ahead and celebrate….just use some moderation.  Or, take the pressure off and just begin your eating plan tomorrow!  

How do you handle all of the food at holiday time?  How may parties do you attend and feel guilty about eating everything they serve?  How do you stay on course during October t0 December?  Share your “stay on course” secrets in the comments…..would love to hear them! 

Happy, Happy Holidays to All,


xoxo, Rosanna
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