From The Manor we took a private Range Rover (enclosed version) to the crater.  The jungle road on the way into the crater looked like one of our horror movies.  Everything was shrouded in fog.  Sort of Freddie Krueger meets Lion King.

We drove through the small  village prior to getting on the road to Ngorongoro.

The people were friendly and curious.  All labor is still done by hand.  Deliveries are made even at great distances with these “carts”.  Can you imagine the traffic jam if this was introduced here??!!

The fog did lift later that morning and we ran into this gentleman grazing near the road.  One BIG “take away” from our African travels is that there are two (2) types of reserves.  One is like this one, Public.  The other, Private.  The biggest difference is that in the Public Reserves you may NOT drive off of the road and, you  may not get out of the car.  It also gets a bit crowded as the day goes on…..this small dirt road becomes the 25 at rush hour with drivers calling each other if they see something exciting.  Not exactly the Safari experience one imagines when planning a trip like this… often have to use binoculars to see the wildlife.  Although we did luck out a bit here……stay tuned for pics!

Our humble input is to book in a spot where you are inside a Private Reserve.  You can drive into the bush and really see the animals up close.  There is often a price difference in the two resorts.  I would stay less time if needed and get the super exciting walk with rhinos rather than seeing them 70 yards away…..just food for thought!

One of the most mesmerizing views is of the constant “over pouring” of clouds that tumble over the caldera in the crater.  An endless cascade of clouds came over all day long in changing shapes and colors.

Our guide shared he thought the Wildabeast was the funniest looking animal in the crater.  He looks like he was made with spare parts….notice his “grasshopper” face and cow tail.  We saw huge herds of these while on the road.

I loved the large Wart Hogs.  They came in a couple of colors but, who can resist a “blonde”….am I right?!

These are hilarious when they run…..their tail is literally “hooked” to their legs so they look different when they run.  They also have to “kneel” to eat or graze.  Life is not so easy for these characters!

We happened to arrive during mating season….the legs on the males turns bright PINK and remain that color until the season is over……flamboyant, right?!  As we drove by this poor female stumbled out onto the road… obvious rough evening at the Club with an over zealous date!!!

After a long and dusty day on the savannah…..a hot bath drawn by your butler.

We are off to Little Ongava, a private reserve adjacent to the Etoisha National Park.

Have you been on a Safari?  Where did you go?  Public or Private Reserve?  Did you get to see all of the animals during your visit?

Thanks for traveling with us,





xoxo, Rosanna
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