Private Island of Azura / Mozambique

The Island of Azura

After several weeks on safari, our friends returned to the States and we thought a little “down” time would be fun.  The Good Doctor, found this island and thought it would be the perfect fit for a couple of “dusty” travelers.  

The Island is off of the coast of Mozambique and is approximately 2 hours from Pemba Airport (and I use “airport” lightly….)

You can get to the island via boat or helicopter……we went with the latter…our pilot was amazing.  We swooped down to see dolphins AND sea turtles!  The water is crystal clear and aqua blue.

Boat ride with Dolphins

There are 6 Villas on the island.  Each one has a private lagoon and butler.   I love that their brochure said “English is NOT our first language….we will do everything we can to get your requests right.  Please forgive…”  Their staff was so helpful and fun…..we had zero problems with service or activities. (See Spa Trauma below…..)

In keeping with the “Sundowners”….Azura was on the same program.  Some wonderful fresh concoction appeared on our deck each evening around 5:30 pm.  

Sundowner of the day
Of course…..I have an amusing story about the Spa…….
The view from the Massage Table

Because we’ve been traveling and flying and walking……I select the “Traveler Detox” treatment.  I walk under the Spa sign and am looking for the Spa building……I end up at a cave with a massage table.  It IS stunning and you can hear the water coming up through the rock.  Pearl informs me I AM in the Spa and I need to remove my clothing and lie on the table.  Here’s the thing…..I can see people on the beach below….see where I’m going with this???  Sooooo, I disrobe (using a shell to hang my clothing…..) and lie down.  I am coated with a thick, slimy potion that will, hopefully, not attract any wild animals and will remove any toxins from airplane air….travel, etc.   Pearl brings out the “saran wrap”….ever watch Ray Donovan????  I begin to sweat….not in a “spa” way!  I am double wrapped and left to sweat it out.  Pearl returns and tells me it’s time to shower…..I see only one room and am still concerned about the people on the beach……she grabs me by the arm and guides me to the “showing area”.

Here is the “shower” portion of the Spa.

There is NO enclosure and Pearl begins to shout at the Fishermen standing on the hill above……she’s got me by the arm (Pearl is a “healthy” size……comprende?) so I’m shivering and worrying about the viewers…… I begin to calculate the amount of Therapy I am going to need to recover from this “restful” Spa adventure…….. I am focusing on the fact that The Good Doctor and I have a dinner planned afterward…….

After a bottle of great wine I found I was able to “recover”.  What a romantic spot Azura is……they now have a second island that was just developed.  

Happy Traveling!

xoxo, Rosanna
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