Great ideas for Grandkids on Holiday Break!

Vail’s Trees – dressed for the Holiday

We all get to this time of year thinking we’ll sit calmly by the fire and read that book we’ve been eyeing for a month…..or, maybe just a 20 cat nap during the day.  Not going to happen.  Once the choir performances are over and the school break begins, the real test of “Nana Creativity” begins!  I’m sure lots of you, like me, are still working and getting things done but, the grandkids are out of school and that usually means some help with entirely empty days for the “littles” (and sometimes NOT so “littles” home for the holidays)

Fear not!  We’ve got some ideas for you…….


The very essence of the holiday, right?  Teach them early and often to think of things that are easy to complete but, meaningful to those without family or loved ones.

Maybe it’s donating those items you won’t use to a local shelter or maybe making something for your neighbors.  Try visiting a local assisted living facility to hand out cookies, sing songs, or simply visit with the residents.  You could also volunteer together at a local shelter or soup kitchen, or serve dinner to the homeless.  Teaching your grandkids how to give and share is one of THE most important lessons we can give!


Even if you don’t live in Colorado and have snow, make a terrarium.  You can use a glass cookie jar or large vase with top.  Look around the house for something interesting to use.  Making a mini-terrarium can give kids an opportunity to learn a little about plants and play in the dirt, even if they’re stuck inside.  The limits are your comfort with the old “green thumb”… can go traditional or try moss and lichens.  Add fairies and trolls…..bridges and towers… away.  


Kids LOVE to make things in the kitchen (me, not so much:)   Try something fun, like letting every grandchild choose one favorite food, or try something new. Missy K loves anything Unicorn – themed.  Or, read THE INCREDIBLE EATING BOOK it is a great story to encourage your children to try new foods. 


Missy K just shared this super fun and educational YouTube channel.  It’s kid friendly and shares 100’s of simple (literally 5 minute) crafts and fixes you can do with all sort of little items you have around your house.  I know I ended up with glue guns blazing and dollops of red goo at my house…….


Let them draw on the walls.  Nothing more fun than being able to do the unthinkable, right?  I’m not going to lie…..I LOVED this one myself.  But, be sure to share the general concept with mom & dad or there could be a truly awful result when they go back home!

Get a large roll of butcher paper (I like the brown paper) or use up the back of leftover wrapping paper. Using painter’s tape, stick the paper onto your largest empty wall, the kitchen floor or any other surface. Get in on the action and work with your kids to create a designer mural. Draw a town, outer space, or whatever your children can come up with in their imaginations.  This kept Missy busy for hours…….


Make the neighborhood birds happy this time of year when their main food is under snow.  The kids can “help them”!  Try making a pine-cone covered in peanut butter and birdseed or craft a feeder from a simple kit like this one.

I would love to hear any ideas you’ve used to keep the “littles” from boredom during school breaks.  Have you used any of these ideas?  

Most of all, enjoy the time with your grandkids……it ZOOMS by so quickly!

xoxo, Rosanna
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