Aren’t we constantly told that all travel should be done when we are younger.  But, what if circumstances prevented us from doing this while raising children and building empires. Why can’t we “super-agers” travel now?  There is simply NO reason we cannot pick up and go!   Someday (blog/podcast about this word at: is here and now is the time to “just do it”.  By now you’ve had some time to consider all of the places you’ve wanted to see, right? PS.  Be sure you have a cute Passport holder…..right?

This 95 year old backpacker (photo above) travels Europe without hesitation.  Now I am not suggesting that we should all become backpackers (if you know me….you are laughing hysterically now) but, we do have answers to some of your questions.

Health issues are one of the biggest roadblocks to senior traveling.  Nonsense.  Pick an adventure that suits your health and physical condition.  Cruises can be a good choice if you want to make several stops but, don’t want to have to fly to each location.  A little known fact about cruises is that you DO NOT have to leave the ship.  Park yourself on deck or in the bar and toast each location with Champagne!  You don’t have to glacier hike or visit Everest Base Camp but, you can certainly visit some of the great European or US cities.  Difficulty with walking – every airline has wheelchair assistance upon departure and arrival.  Concerned with swollen ankles/feet or throwing an embolus?  – purchase compression stockings and a lie flat seat.  Need help upon arrival – pack light and arrange for a meet and greet at your arrival airport.  A great many hotels have car service as part of their program.  Concerned about being in a strange city?  –arrange for a private car with driver and guide (not as expensive as one might think with the advent of Lyft and Uber).  Yes, all of these do add to the bill but it can be done – consider leaving that obnoxious third cousin out of your will and spend his share on one of these options:)!  Talk with your doctor and let her know exactly what you want to do and ask for help in preparing you for the trip.  We have a 77-year-old friend who is prone to pulmonary embolisms – his doc arranged for him to take Luvenox (ablood thinner) prior to long trips.  It’s worked like a charm and he still does these INSANE one day International trips for business!!!

Healthcare does not have to be a major concern.  Have ALL of your prescriptions filled prior to leaving.  Just keep the original bottles so there are no problems at Customs or security.  Bring copies of all prescriptions with you.  Do NOT put any prescription medicines in your checked luggage.  Double check with your health insurance provider to ensure that you have emergency coverage outside your home country (or, in some cases, state).  Consider purchasing some form of emergency evacuation insurance – we are members of MedJet Assist.  If you are more than 150 miles away from home and are injured or ill, you will be flown via small jet to the States for treatment!  Worth the annual fee…..

 Consider a cruise but choose your cruise line carefully.  We’ve certainly heard many tales of unscrupulous cruise lines upcharging without advance notice.  Unless you are going with family that includes children, you may not want a Disney cruise.  You may want to reconsider choosing a cruise line that advertises itself as a “Party Ship” (then again, this may be the PERFECT launch to adult travel…..just kidding!). River cruises – particularly in Europe – are increasing in popularity as they are a relatively easy way to see many venues.  A smaller cruise line may be your best bet as you can customize them to suit your specific tastes.  Ask family and friends about cruises they’ve taken…’s almost always the BEST way to hear about trusted ships and trips!

     As a retiree or part time worker, you have the time to travel – use it wisely.  Slowdown and stay a little longer in places you find interesting.  If it’s Tuesday, it does not have to be Belgium!  Try not to move every few days– we have recently instituted a 5 night minimum in any one place!  Breathe , relax and take advantage of those senior discounts. Savor each location AND the luxury hotel you choose to stay in…

Whatever method of travel you choose, be sure to take it slow and really enjoy each destination.  So much to see and so little time……..

Reach out if you have locations (anywhere in the world) you’d like to see but have not seen yet.  We travel often and may be able to help with hotel info or car service ideas.  Happy to share!

Be safe. Live well. Laugh often. Drink Champagne!

xoxo, Rosanna
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