13 Self-Care Ideas You Can Use TODAY!

As you all know by now…..for the FIRST time EVER, I took a bit of time off of work (and just everything really) and it’s reminded me about the importance of relaxing (if you know me, you know this word RARELY applies to any of my days). Now, I’m not talking about eating healthy food or working out – I’m talking about real self-care that brings you back to center. That might sound cliche, but it’s true! It’s SO important and the one thing we tend to skimp on when we’re whirling around prepping for holidays and daily life. Hands up here! (me)!

Ready for this??!! I even turned my phone off and spent time with people I love – and, most importantly, on myself. But holiday or not, here are 10 super simple ways you can take care of yourself starting now! Enjoy pals!

For Your Mind

  1. When you feel like NOTHING is going well (my daughters refer to this as a hot mess), sit down and do absolutely nada for a few minutes. No phones, no lists, just stop what you’re doing and sit and relax.
  2. If you can stand it….shut off your electronics and relax if your head feels too busy
  3. Do that one thing you’ve been putting off for months (you know what I mean…… oil change).

For Your Weary Bod:

  1. Add stretching to your daily routine / morning or night. It’s strange just how much better you can feel after doing this for a week.
  2. Instead of a shower, swap a bath 1x a week and soak in bath salts. I like to use Epsom Salts. They just soak all of the “yuck” away!
  3. Try to get up and move around during part of your work day. I try to take regular breaks and walk around (ok, to the kitchen) every few hours while I work. Try it MINUS the kitchen part…….it works!
  4. Sign up for a new workout before the year ends. Again, start small….no tiara for hurting yourself being overly-ambitious:)

Feel Good Fun:

  1. Plan a gal pal getaway, even if it’s just one night away. Plan bad behavior and have maximum fun!
  2. Go to a Museum you’ve not been to before. Take a friend who needs to get out of the house and smile.
  3. Hug the next loved one you see.
  4. Grab a blanket and some slippers, light a candle, pour a glass of Champagne, and put on your favorite movie.
  5. Put your phone away and really talk with a friend.
  6. Stop caring about what people think – do away with the pressure
Girls at Mudbrick Vineyard in New Zealand

xoxo, Rosanna
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