The Hoshinoya Resort in Kyoto, Japan

Even the stepping stones in the Royal Palace Park are elegant!
Map in flight
The Narita Airport is PRISTINE……it is this clean EVERYWHERE
Pie Shop in the middle of Narita Airport…..the pies were like artwork…..
This Sumo was fresh from a major victory…….they are HUGE!
Waiting for our boat to arrive…
You take a private boat to the hillside resort.

A 400-Year Tradition 
of Classical Elegance

In the past, emperors and aristocrats would build villas in locations that allowed them to revel in the seasonal changes unique to that area. The 17th century tycoon Suminokura Ryoi did the same, constructing an immense mansion by the Oi River that he had come to know well from the trade he conducted along its course. One hundred years ago, this estate was transformed into an inn; today, it is the site of HOSHINOYA Kyoto, a secluded resort providing guest pavilions that overlook the Oi River. Though furnished with contemporary comforts, the pavilions maintain the sense of sophistication cultivated by Suminokura. The woodwork has been washed by Kyoto artisans to restore its original sheen. Bedroom walls are covered with karakami wallpaper, featuring delicate gold patterns that change colors throughout the day. Enchanting compositions of light and shadow are projected around the room by shoji paper sliding doors and subdued lighting. Floor-level sofas face windows that beautifully frame the surrounding nature and its seasonal delights. Each element is designed to enhance the serenity of the area, as well as reflect the quiet elegance of traditional Kyoto design.

The resort is built into the side of the mountain and overlooks the Oi River
You can still see remnants of Cherry Blossom Season……
The entry
Music wafts through the resort
The are only 6 Ryokans here….
Your butler greets you in your ryokan with formal tea service
Traditional tea and “leaf/rice” appetizers as greeting
The rice inside sparkled like diamonds
our ryokan
A room with a view
Traditional wooden bathtub
The smell of these products was AMAZING……
Every detail is created with such thought……see these teeny bows?!!
Japanese good luck wishes tied to screens and trees
Your silk pajamas are pressed and waiting for your arrival…..I wore mine to dinner! I don’t have to tell you what The Good Doctor thought about this, right??? heehee
I felt like a Geisha…..small wooden blocks on bottom of shoes and “toe” socks

Have we discussed the food yet?? You dine privately with a traditional chef who has been training for decades. Everything is fresh and cut by hand. It’s spectacular! It was hard to cut into it….you’ll see what I mean as you look at the different courses. We dined for 4 hours……a LOT of Sake was consumed (they pair their Sake much like we pair Wine) You can see in later photos……”someone” has had more than their share of “tasting”!

As you walk to the restaurant, you notice the only lighting used are soft lanterns…’s breathtaking! They REALLY do have the “zen” thing down to an art.

NOTE: I really did wear my silk PJs to dinner… wonder they worry about the Americans, right?! You’ll notice the Good Doctor dressed appropriately.
The Place settings were simple and elegant. The chopsticks were hand-carved.
Our amazingly talented chef
Isn’t this beautiful?!
Kobe beef
Who’s been tasting for HOURS?? Good thing I was already dressed for bed!
The walk (or stagger) back……..good night!

This is the type of resort you go to once and talk about for a lifetime. The location is something you do NOT forget. Aquamarine-colored water in the river rocks below seems to glow by moonlight.

I am providing a link just in case you want to add this to your 2019 Bucket List! It’s worth the trip. We have this on our “repeat” list.

Travel often. Live well. Laugh with great friends. LOVE.YOUR.LIFE.

Let me know if you have any questions about this resort!

xoxo, Rosanna
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