With the New Year, I am committing to buying less “stuff”, and honestly, I’m going to have to let you know how it goes. I’m the gal who pulls up Amazon and sees (and accidentally orders) several things I just KNOW I need…….I’ve been attempting to channel Marie Kondo (of “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”) focusing on quality over quantity and only buying things that make me smile or I need for work. It’s not a “cut and dry” neat and tidy thing……especially since we had an interesting launch to our new year upon arriving home from the holiday. More about that in a minute! Anyway! More on topic to come this year, but I wanted to do a fast overview of some recent purchases that truly felt important in organizing.

This is my main incentive to de-clutter and stay focused. What a mess. I am also excited about getting rid of “stuff” we don’t need or haven’t used in 100 years. Do you guys have rooms like that???? The kids leave boxes or you “put things away” and forget they are there???!! Not that we “forget”……it’s just being busy, right?

Broken pipe in super cold temps – came home to water gushing from ceiling


A HUGE goal for me in 2019 is to clean out and organize my house and office. I hesitate to admit that I am a little excited by organizing even though it’s SO. DARN. HARD. for me to start, but here I am, starting. With a little added incentive from the “Mitigation Team” in my home every day to remove damaged drywall and attempt to dry out walls and wood floors ruined by leak.

I’d purchased the following items over the past few months or so and wanted to share in case you’re looking for some organization excitement in your life this year. I will include links where possible so you can get this amazing stuff if you are needing them for specific areas in your home or office.


WOW! Have you seen these magical things? Super cool – I think I first saw them on Shark Tank! You simply attach them to anything, keys, wallet, whatever it is you misplace regularly. I’m putting mine on my keys. I waste hours of my life searching for them, especially when switching purses and going back and forth between the house and my office space. Just add these to your key chain and then locate using your cell phone! Life-changing, right?!


I often joke that if I lose either my phone or this planner, I will have NO idea of what I am supposed to be doing….so, I’ll just be lying down in hopes it comes to me. If you haven’t gotten a new planner yet, this is one of my favorite things in helping me not only to organize, but to incite some motivation. I suggest getting one that’s good for calendaring, notes, goal-setting and your resolutions. It should also have a day-to-day type of layout so it’s easy to write each appointment out clearly. Some are SO cute, but have zero space in which to write. I have two (2) planners, one is a 5 year planner for biz and travel things and one for life/special events, etc. If you can do it with just one, I am envious! Here is a planner I like to use because it has lots of room to write in but also has two months prior to the new year so you can take a peek back for reference. Also has room for notes and addresses so you have everything in one place. It comes in “weekly” or “daily” at the link. The other is this one…..it’s ALL business and contains five years so you can get your projections done AND prolong those biz trips, right?!


I have lots of cute trays and glass containers for my bathroom but, wanted to get some new goodies (as my downstairs guest bathroom is being redone thanks to water damage) to help my guests find things they might need more readily. I like to have q-tips, tissues, makeup remover pads, etc. available when friends and family come to stay. That way, they don’t have to pack extra stuff. Which translates into happy guests who can bring more shoes! Plus, it makes the whole bathroom feel more pulled together. I also love that I need fewer bottles sitting around (like those plastic soap bottles) and can use these for a more streamlined look. If you’ve not added these in recent years, 2019 may be the time to de-clutter and add sophistication!


Yet another “goal” for 2019 is to stop knocking my reading glasses off of the nightstand and scratching or dinging them! So irritating trying to read with a pair of glasses featuring a nice, deep scratch across the middle of the lens! Instead of storing them in a box or just throwing them into a drawer, I bought a few of these to stack. I put the “who is she….” large sunnies in one box, my reading glasses in another. Presto! No more losing or scratching my glasses! Love that you can keep them on the dresser or stack them away in your closet. Neat and cute storage that can be in plain view or, stashed in your closet until you need them.


To be perfectly honest, my car is one of those things that’s always a big, hot mess. Between Missy K, Dolce and life, it’s a mess with lots of clothes, games, nail polish that has rolled under the seat, an occasional dog treat, it gets swampy! I recently began to use storage cubes to contain the mess. I don’t know if I can cure this one……..keep ya posted! My gal pal Kathy, Goddess of Organization, has hooks in her back seat to provide extra space and keep things clean.

Well, the hum of saws and drying fans calls……time to talk to the contractors about this mess. Is there a storage cube (in a cute print of course) large enough for the house? What do you use to corral all of life’s stuff that gets messy? I’d love to know.

Gotta Run,

xoxo, Rosanna
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