PCH along the coast in California

As anyone who follows me knows….we LOVE to travel! The more far flung and unheard of the better. But, there is something fabulous about escaping to a spot that offers amazing sunshine and water views right here in the US. No Passport required! I have family in Cali (note the super cool hybrid use of state name here……) so it’s always nice to stay a few days and bask in the sun.

Scotty and Matty LOVE to go to Zumis and win tickets……this pic is a few years old at this point. They will be mortified I used it! Such big guys these days…..

Boyd has two grandkiddos who live in Santa Barbara, CA……we like to fly into LAX (Las Angeles International Airport) and drive up the coast. One of our little routines is to stop at Geoffrey’s in Malibu for lunch before we continue up the Coast. Geoffrey’s has been a landmark in Malibu forever and offers a seaside location and occasional celebrity sighting. We hit the mother-lode last time with Maria Shriver who cruised by our table and said hello……obviously she is as nice as people say she is……very normal in a place you don’t expect it! heehee


We try to rent a convertible if the weather is good. We’ve used Silver Car quite a bit and love their service. They offer only Audis – silver Audis, of course. Silver Car will pick you up at the airport and deliver you to their lot. You get your car, sync your iPhone and off you go! They make it easy and quick. You can usually find a coupon on their site or google them online. They’ve been growing like crazy but, are not in all states…..yet.

The drive is spectacular along the coast. If you’ve not had the chance to do this drive……put it on the list. Be ready for the standard LA traffic if you are arriving during rush hour. I say this like there is only ONE hour of rushing in LA!!!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. PCH is hectic all the way through Malibu. We’ve found that arriving in the morning seems to work best and Geoffrey’s is super great about holding your table if you do get caught.

Now onto one of my favorite spots to stay. The Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Here is a snippet of background:

For nearly 90 years, Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara has been known for fun, luxury, and casual glamour.

Its story begins in 1927, when the original Santa Barbara Biltmore was constructed on 22 acres of spectacular beachfront land that had been home to the Santa Barbara Country Club and several fine residences during late 1800s. Tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains on Butterfly Beach, the hotel quickly became the retreat of choice for old Hollywood and America’s most discriminating travelers.

The hotel was closed this past year due to the massive waves of water and mud that flowed down the local streets during the fires in both Malibu and Santa Barbara. A multi-million dollar renovation has taken place……I cannot wait to see what they’ve done. From custom tiles to the creative bar area you can see that retaining the “period” of the Biltmore has been THE focus when renovating.

My go to adult beverage here is the Classic Cosmopolitan Martini. It’s frosty and pink and fabulous.

The accommodations here are elegant and understated.

The Biltmore is the site of so many long-standing festivals…..this one featuring restored classic cars

The Biltmore sits on a lush property directly across from the Ocean. The patio is in demand all year round. The Film industry takes over the entire property during season. Walk the beach or play tennis in this lush setting. I find myself humming “California Dreamin’ “……this may be due in part to those wonderful Martinis…..

You cannot see it here but, they have a wonderful pool cabana where you can order snacks or cocktails. They also “dress” the chaises in giant, fluffy towels and offer a wide assortment of magazines. As usual, it’s quiet, elegant and restful. They even have music piped in underwater. The kiddos LOVE it!

Here’s to California lifestyle!

xoxo, Rosanna
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