PHOTO: The Manor House in Tanzani – Your Butler draws your rose-infused bath……

It’s ALMOST here! Valentines Day…… Excited? Not so much? I really DO love a day of chocolate and Champagne, right? But, I do understand that for some this is NOT a super fun occasion. If you’re not a huge fan of V-Day, I’m sharing a few ideas to make it a celebration – regardless of status. V-Day is supposed to be a day focusing on love, self-care and indulgence. You may recall that we recently did a blog on self-care and making a commitment to yourself this year to get it done – AND ENJOY IT! This ties right into everything I’m seeing about 2019’s focus. More recharging / less stressing. I like it!


You don’t have to push me too hard to sign up for something delicious……so, here are some of my faves. You can have someone do these for you OR, you get to design your day and do it yourself!

BLOW OUT: If you have not done this for yourself, you need to try it. It sounds like something you’d rather not sign up for……like a flat tire or explosion in your apartment/home. Surprise! It’s almost illegally fabulous. Call your salon or stylist now – they tend to fill up quickly on holidays. Tell them you’d love a head massage AND a blow out (my salon usually serves wine or champagne during treatment……ok, you can drink it while you are waiting too). All I can say is that your hair looks amazing for a few days with absolutely ZERO effort from you. Plus, you know that “swagger” you have when you come out of the salon…….you are “iconic”…….your welcome!

MANI / PEDI: Okay, not so original, but if we look at this honestly, I almost never do BOTH at once…..too much time! So, if you are like me, call your nail salon and book it…this minute. I’m currently loving the “gel” thing in something neutral like this pinky/white or good old Essie Mademoiselle (a Classic sheer pink). Here’s a little trick my daughter shared with me…..buy a bottle of whatever shade you want so you repair those irritating teeny repairs when your nails chip.

THE BUBBLE BATH: Such a FAVORITE of mine (all year round) that I am shocked I’m not “pruned up” on a daily basis. If you are already a bath junkie, I don’t need to explain the luxury of having that time all.to.yourself. Get some bubbly (champagne and extravagant bath bubbles), play relaxing music or Classical something, and just lay back. I like to add a face mask or hydrating treatment. Candles are a must and, if you have a bath tray, maybe a book or iPad. Pamper away my friend……you deserve it!

DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – GUILT-FREE:  That’s right….you heard me…..sit still and love it. Now, let me share this is a HUGE challenge for my wiring…….I almost levitate when attempting this “still” thing!

Grab a snuggly blanket and a book you’ve been eyeing for months and dive in. Turn off the phone, the computer and close the door (I’m NOT above locking it). Peace and solitude. Or, take a nap. As long as you are not doing anything “responsible” it’s a good thing! It will feel amazing, I promise:)

EAT YOUR FAVORITE MEAL: Whether you order it and pick it up from your favorite restaurant or make it yourself……eat it without guilt. This is a celebration….go for carbs…..enjoy fat….smile…..really ENJOY it! How often does that happen ladies?!

First, FAN or NOT? Chocoholic? Love Bubbly (hands up here)? Have you done any of these in years past? This year maybe? I’d love to hear how you celebrate.

Take care of YOU day!

xoxo, Rosanna
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