We are now about half way through the ski season and have been so fortunate to receive some great snow this year!  I thought that I would share some of my favorite runs at The Happy Place.  Vail is big – very big. 

RIVA RIDGE – just has to be first on the list……my (and Missy K’s) absolute favorite.  About 5 miles of bliss especially on a fresh powder day.  Usually groomed on Friday and Monday.  We usually stop just above Tourist Trap and take the catwalk through the woods to Chair 10 where we find Blue Ox.

CHINA BOWL – on a powder day, this is absolute heaven.  Far east part of the mountain at Two Elks Lodge.  Ski across the ridge to the well-spaced trees and ski through them or along the edge.  You can usually find some untracked areas.  Caution – do not ski the Bowls alone especially in the trees!

PRIMA, PRONTO AND LOG CHUTE – the classic Vail heavy duty bump runs.  Hit Prima off the top of Chairs 4,5 and 11.  Prima branches off of Riva near the top.  Your knees and quads will be begging for mercy after doing these 3.  I now live vicariously through others on these runs….

BLUE OX – a long fairly steep run that is groomed on Saturday – usually.  Great with powder or as a groomer.  Will definitely be bumped out by first part of week.

PICKEROON – top of Chair 2.  A long rolling run that is usually less crowded than its neighbor Avanti.  Great as a pow run or a groomer and often with small bumps along the side.

BERRIES– again top of Chair 2.  Always seems to be missed by the crowd.  Nicely spaced bumps with a steep finish. Missy K loves this run!

OUZO – top of Chair 2 heading down to Chair 7 and Game Creek bowl. Usually groomed for the weekend.  A fairly step run that is awesome when groomed or after fresh powder.

Well, there you have it… top 5 MUST ski I ski in Vail! Here are a few others that I really like to ski with Missy K. These are fun little “in the trees” parks for kids. Lots of twists and turns and tunnels…..give it a try next time you visit.

Coyote Escape – just had to include this as Missy K just loves it.  Through the woods at top of Chair 26 and Lionshead Gondola on the way to Simba.  Caution this is really for kids only ( the twists and turns are narrow and really perfect for those short skis) – she occasionally lures me into the Escape!

Where do you ski with your family and friends? Do you ever ski Vail? What are your fave runs?


xoxo, Rosanna
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