Skiing Riva with Missy K

Let’s just get down to it……I don’t know anyone who is ALWAYS excited about sweating. Sometimes the thought of getting dressed and schlepping to the gym is just too much! I try to do something active everyday……..this works really well if I have fresh powder, Missy K and Vail slopes as motivation.

So, to that end, I thought I’d share some teeny little ideas to jump start your motivation (and mine) today. Let me know if it helps or, if you’ve been doing something lately that gets you going when your feet turn to lead!


So many of us force ourselves to do workouts we hate – I’ve done this and it just.doesn’ It’s easy to dread exercise when you really dislike running – so if you love yoga or spinning, or dance (like Missy K), or lifting, focus on those instead. Life’s too short to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy, simple as that! Try out different gyms and studios near you to narrow down what you like best. I’ve found that when I’m excited about my workout, I’m much less likely to skip it. Grab a gal pal or two and make it a day……maybe a healthy lunch or juice break apres gym??


Treat your workouts like you would any other obligation, such as a dentist appointment or work meeting. If you use a planner, schedule all your workouts at the beginning of the week. Try to keep your time consistent. You’ll find you really miss it if you skip one once it becomes a habit. By treating your workouts as a priority and penciling them in, it’ll be easier to commit to them. I like to do it everyday at 2 pm….the gym is not crowded AND no wait line on weight machines. Another bonus is that the “aerobic” room is empty and I can get my floor work done in perfect quiet. If I’m traveling, I can figure out whether running outside or locating a gym close to my hotel is better. Just put it in the book regardless of what you choose to do.


If you stick to your workouts for the week, treat yourself to something new – maybe some workout stuff? I’ve become that person that thinks workout wear is REAL clothing. Whether it’s a shopping spree at your favorite store, or drinks with friends on a Friday night, you’ll be more motivated to actually work out when you have something to look forward to apres gym. Or, if the weather is good, take your workout outdoors and jog through the park or around the lake. Egg white omelettes as a reward! Ok…..add a Mimosa to celebrate discipline.


As with lots of things, having someone waiting for you can help you stick to your workouts. This is one of the reasons the girls and I have hired a personal trainer and stick to going together. Whether it’s a trainer or a good friend, find someone to work out with – it can even be a friend to meet for a walk each morning, doesn’t need to be high-tech or expensive. Not only will you be more likely to make it to your workout, you’ll have way more fun having a power pal around!

Cosmos and Pink Shoes at Columbine Country Club

Do you have any fun tips for getting out and working up a sweat? Share the wealth gal pals! Love to hear them.


xoxo, Rosanna
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