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As we age, our body changes, but what about the foods we eat? If we continue to eat what we ate when we were younger, we may not be getting those essential nutrients we need to stay healthy and strong well into our 60s and beyond. There are plenty of ways to get everything you need but something it can be tricky to know exactly what they are.

Here’s 5 of the best foods to eat to be 60 and Fabulous:


The ‘other’ vitamin B is often overlooked but Vitamin B12 is important for making red blood cells and improving cognition. And as we get older, our stomach’s acidity decreases, especially if we take medications, and B12 isn’t as easy to absorb from the food we typically eat.

FIND IT: in wholegrain cereals, meat, eggs, seafood and dairy.


To reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease, eat foods with potassium such as bananas and potatoes. The key benefit of potassium is that it lowers blood pressure and has also been found to reduce incidences of kidney disorders, anxiety and stress, as well as enhance muscle strength.


It might sound obvious, but water is 100 per cent necessary every. single. day., yet one of the highest incidences of hospital admissions in over 60s is dehydration. We often don’t feel as thirsty when we’re older but it’s important to keep our fluids up. If you live in a hot area, you’ll need to drink even more water.

Leafy greens

As our eyesight decreases in our 60s, we need to keep our eyes in check as much as possible. We can do this by eating leafy greens, which contain vitamin A – essential for optimising vision and prevent macular degeneration. Green leafy vegetables, along with grapes, oranges, and egg yolks, are also excellent sources.


My favorite food to eat……hands down! Avocado is a healthy food and contains vitamin E and antioxidants to help protect your vision and skin. The monounsaturated fat found in avocados has also been shown to improve the condition of hair and skin. Slice one up and put in your salads and on wholegrain bread.

What changes or additions have you made to your diet recently? Do you already eat the healthy items listed?

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