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The older I get the more I enjoy spending time sipping a fine wine.  It does not have to be expensive – some of my favorites are less than $20 per bottle.  My tastes have certainly changed – no more sweet wines {sorry Boone’s Farm) and I tend to avoid box wines (they just feel “wrong”, right?).  I do enjoy a nice bottle of wine and an occasional glass of bubbly – Prosecco has been my go-to!  What I find difficult is branching out and trying different varieties and vineyards.  Now, the Good Doctor and I have no problem doing this when we are traveling – think sitting on the deck at the San Clemente Palace in Venice with a glass of Italian wine or Prosecco.  However, once home we tend to go back to the old tried and true vintages.

The San Clemente Resort in Venice, Italy

Luckily, we do have friends and relatives who are always on the cutting edge of new and interesting wines – Thank you’s go out to Bob / Marilyn – they belong to every wine club imaginable, Lisa and Will – live in Santa Barbara county, nothing more needs to be said and Jason and Clare – always with an unknown Spanish wine!

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Stop Guessing, Start Enjoying Wine:
Nothing says “I’m sophisticated” like being confident about your tastes. But while it’s easy to declare, “I love my steak medium rare,” it’s not as easy to articulate what wines you enjoy. Fruit-forward? Nutty? Semi-sweet? Dry? Who even knows where to start?That’s where Bright Cellars comes in:  It’s a monthly wine club that matches your taste profile with the wines you’ll love drinking. Magic, you ask? No…data. Two wine-obsessed MIT grads created an algorithm that takes your answers to easy questions (“How do you take your coffee??”) and tells you the wines that fit your tastes. And our readers absolutely love it. Which reminds us: Morning Brewers get a $50 credit for their first shipment. Thanks to Bright Cellars, there’s never been a better time to get into wine (and know what you’re talking about). Take the quiz to see your recommended wine matches.   I took the quiz – it is free – and received some amazing suggestions.  Once I try them, I will let you know how well they matched up to my tastes.  Are you an adventurous wine taster?  Share some of your favorites!
The Mudbrick Vineyard in New Zealand

Happy Sipping!

xoxo, Rosanna
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