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The Taj Mahal Palace – Mumbai, India

A couple of years ago, we went to India. We love India….the sights, colors, smells and crowded energy. If you’ve not been, you may hear the same discouraging comments I heard prior to going the first time. It’s dirty…..there are too many people…..

Well, our trip to Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) couldn’t have been more interesting or charming. We chose to stay at the Taj right at the Gateway to India. It’s a stunning hotel right on the water.

A little background for those who are new to this 5 star beauty and it’s elegant service.

The Gateway to India

The Taj Mahal Palace opened in Mumbai, then Bombay, in 1903, giving birth to the country’s first harbor landmark. The recently trademarked flagship hotel overlooks the majestic Gateway of India. This legendary luxury hotel has played host to kings, dignitaries and eminent personalities from across the globe, and is acknowledged as a world leader in hospitality. Each of the rooms 285 rooms & suites are a striking blend of nostalgic elegance, rich history and modern facilities. Strategically located in Mumbai’s prime historical and commercial hub, The Taj Mahal Palace is walking distance from Colaba Causeway, known for its touristy tiny roadside shops. 

The architecture is stunning and features intricately placed brick on the outside. On the inside, hand-carved white wood canopies at every turn.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by your Butler. This particular Butler will serve you throughout your stay. The customary Indian greeting follows.

Hand-carved wood graces every hallway
At the top of the Grand Staircase…
The blue dome above the Grand Staircase symbolizes Heaven…..

At the bottom of the staircase is a luxury mall lined with old photos of visiting celebrities and royalty.

The Taj Bakery had some amazing cakes and pastries
Heaven Dome with wood carving detail and traditional coloring
The Hindu Good Luck Elephant
A quick snack at their rooftop restaurant and we are off to explore the streets

Stay tuned for one of the oldest, family-owned businesses in the world. And, it’s ALL run by memory!


xoxo, Rosanna
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