On to our next adventure in India. After visiting several fairly populated spots surrounding Mumbai, we thought it would be fabulous to sit on the beach and drool for a while (ok….I mean it….literally). We chose the Grand Hyatt Beach Resort.

We arrived to a peaceful stretch of beach enjoying an International crowd (lots of Russians and Europeans love these beaches and come back year after year).

One of the most popular sea beaches among foreigners in Goa because of its night parties, Curlies and other good eating joints, peaceful seashore, western seafood with chilled beer and good music in nearby restaurants and flea markets. Anjuna is situated 21 km north of Panaji and 7 km from Baga.

These cute little sand crabs skitter along the beach sideways

We’d been eating in hotel restaurants in Mumbai and decided to give this festive beach dive a try……..

The food was great! I didn’t want to peek in the kitchen…..keep in mind that there is no FDA or OSHA in these countries. More often than not, the spots are owned by families …….and, run in a very casual manner. We are big fans of “street food” so we felt brave trying this out. I also think we felt the Kingfisher Beer would purify anything that was dicey…..

Acting casual…..dangerously close to food being dropped

The official Beer of India / Goa

The family was very excited about having Americans at their restaurant. They really pulled out all the stops and dragged this table out to the beach so we could experience their Indian sunsets.

A seafood and veggie filled crepe – very fresh!
Note the “full bar” in back…..
Total relaxation…… going again!
xoxo, Rosanna
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