I was chatting with my mother recently and inquired about one of her favorite things… reading. I don’t mean occasional magazine or a quick once-through of the newspaper. The woman was a reading machine back in the day. My entire family reads and I chalk it up to the fact that both of my parents were big readers and shared that love of learning with us.

Fast forward to last year….mother had her first BIG health issue and was feeling tired and listless AND, a bit let down that she was a mere mortal. It’s a DNA thing… and, everyone in my tribe is like this….. the bottom line was that her reading had fallen off a bit. Just couldn’t get into it…..couldn’t find the right book…you name it. I wanted her to try a Kindle. She was NOT going to use that new technology stuff……. she, for once, had absolutely NO interest in doing anything new. I was blown away. PERIOD. She had become the “older” woman who stops learning and trying new things.

I think my mother has reached the “cannot teach old dogs new tricks” zone. It’s weird, we go to school and learn, learn, learn. Then off to our careers and we update as necessary to make certain we are “on top of things” and constantly moving forward. Once we stop working, there is a chance that we might think we’ve learned what we needed and may want to simply sit back and relax! (PS. This is a HUGE part of the reason I created #NewFaceof60. I am tired of hearing that once you reach 50 or 60 or 90 … you just don’t do the things you used to do … your life becomes a series of injuries / surgeries / less travel / less everything. NOT true!)

This is the point where some choose to continue learning new things while others choose to stop learning.

Unfortunately, many people choose the latter. It could be because they are tired of learning and “just want to relax” or perhaps they feel that they’ve “graduated” and learned all they needed to know. Some even use the excuse that they can’t learn anymore because they are old. Once they make this choice, a habit forms and that person’s ability to learn, like any unused muscle, weakens.

That is why it is important to live a life of continuous learning and movement. If you want to be good at learning new things, then you must constantly learn new things. All the over 50 people I know who are vibrant and energetic are always striving to learn new things and it is because they continue to learn that their brains stay sharp and their bodies fit.

What new things have you been learning recently? If you are not learning anything new, are you okay with losing your ability to learn? Think about all the people who don’t take advantage of the internet because they refuse to learn how to use it. What are you missing out on?

Be a Super Ager … don’t stop!

xoxo, Rosanna
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