I think you all know what I’m talking about. Own up to it… You walk into an office ( or your ski locker) and there, on the front desk, in plain view, sits that giant bowl of candy calling to you. Not one of those bowls with unwrapped goodies and a scoop. NOT going near that situation! Who knows what grubby little hands (or big hands) have been in there?

No, these are the last of the wrapped candies, dumped into an enormous bowl before they become stale and hard as a rock.


I don’t think of myself as an addictive personality. I’ve never smoked (ok…ok…an occasional cigar) and my most obvious vice is Champagne or wine.


I am not going to use drugs since my obsession with wine is quite enough for me to handle. But tempting me with candy (or macaroons) is another matter. My friends and family somehow manage to keep their hands to themselves, but I can’t resist those bowls of treats!

So here I am, waiting with Dolce in my vet’s office for the front desk to process my payment. And there it is…..calling to me….taunting ….. sitting a few inches away. I see a new candy. It happens to be my fave candy bar. It’s almost glistening in the office lighting. It is wrapped in gold and looks so wrinkled that maybe someone has beat me to it, rejected it and rewrapped the thing. Ewwwwww. And yet, still appealing…..no judging my friends. It’s an obsession. It’s not logical…..

It has me paralyzed, when no one is looking, I pick it up and conceal it in my hand for my trip to the car. I don’t want anyone to think I’m going to eat something someone else has perhaps smelled, licked, and put back. But, it’s chocolate…..you get it right?

Back in the car, I inspect my treasure. This is new. Maybe it’s supposed to look all wrinkly. I open it up to reveal a perfect piece of chocolate. Chocolate covered buttercrunch sprinkled with crushed nuts. OMG! I need an intervention NOW. Maybe a quick one time a week support group….I’m open to whatever. Doesn’t look like it’s been licked. What the heck; I pop it in my mouth.



Eyes rolled back….The angels are singing! This is simply above and beyond anything my taste buds have ever experienced. I think I’ve discovered chocolate covered crack. I am speechless….sitting in the car….making “yummy” noises.

Stiffling a loud groan, I immediately place the wrapper in my pocket for later inspection so I can find out who makes this piece of happiness.

Once in the safety of my garage, I get out the wrapper and search Amazon. There it is! Quickly putting the name of the treat in my phone (under URGENT things to buy), I’m off to the store to buy waaayyyy too much of it. But alas, they don’t have it. I drive to Target and then on to King Soopers. No luck. I pull out my iPhone and search. Is calling around for candy a thing? Can people hear me? I’m going back to the privacy of my car to continue my calls.

Walgreens has it and it is within driving distance (frankly, I’d pursue it even if I needed a Passport to get there at this point).

Parking the car, I approach the store at a pace I’m hoping doesn’t look frightening. Standing in front of shelves and shelves of candy, I search in desperation – practically drooling. Success! There it is. And wouldn’t you know it; the large container is on sale! They must have known I was coming. Did someone alert them of my arrival? How thoughtful:)


As my mother has confessed to me on numerous occasions, once the candy box is open, the contents are fair game and will be consumed without mercy. Her addiction is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and she understands. In the interest of transparency, mother and her gal pals used to have this “coffee” morning thing going on during the week. They’d take turns entertaining the girls in their homes. My mother would store massive quantities of these treats in the freezer and bust them out over pots and pots of hot coffee!

Carrying my newly found treasure to my office, I don’t tell anyone what I have. I have no intention of sharing. It’s NOT a “thing” for me. Removing what appears to be an adult-proof packaging, I take my first candy.

I can’t stop. I have NO control. I now sort of understand the word addiction.

I force myself to make them last two days until they are all gone. For now, I will resist purchasing more as I know what the outcome will be.

Did I forget to tell you what my obsession is? For the moment, it’s Butterfinger. What an amazing creation. I think I’ll buy stock in the company. I wonder if I know anyone who works for them….

I know I am not alone.


Just for kicks (I promise not to call you and force it out of you), what candy has you hooked? I am always on the prowl for the latest obsession. Share your candy fix with us! Let me know what your favorite flavor is?


xoxo, Rosanna
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