YOU might have guessed by now that I’m committed to getting good sleep and having a consistent nightly routine. My evening routine and sleep tricks are two things I really try not to sacrifice no matter what day of the week it is (but, let’s be honest…sometimes you cannot replicate these if traveling, ill or entertaining guests. But it occurred to me recently that I haven’t shared much about what I do before my routine – you know, what I do to decompress and get my brain prepped for the relaxation or sleep mode. So, in the spirit of doing less (which I’ve been trying to do more of – does that even make sense? HA!), let’s talk about how to turn our brains off (or, at least make them relax)!

In my case, I have to focus on winding down because the “Rosanna” brain is always running crazy. Yes, it’s a real thing AND I think I have some good stuff to share with you here. If you have a brain that just will NOT quiet, promise me you’ll try some of these tips, ok?


I read all.of.the.time. I find it very relaxing. It’s one of my favorite ways to chill out when I’m at home or traveling. I get it… not everyone is a reader, but it really is one of the best ways to decompress at night or any time, honest. Whether you’re reading fiction (try Jack Reacher series by Lee Child) or self-improvement (I linked a great one here … You are A Badass) a good book just transports your mind and encourages you to take a step away from the stresses of life. Pick up a book sometime in the next week and give it a try. Leave a comment below if you are looking for something great to read…I’d love to share some of my favorites.


I respect those that can be consistent with meditating, but I can barely sit still to have my hair done. If you’ve never done it before or have no idea how to start, I recommend checking out an app. They make it so easy and approachable. Calm and Headspace are the two I’ve heard the most about. You could even make this part of your nightly bedtime routine … I guarantee you’re going to fall asleep immediately.


Again, The Challenged One here. I love this concept, but am unable to Journal my days:( The struggle is real. But, I am a huge fan of the BD (brain dump) It’s my time to reflect and just get out anything that’s been weighing on me. I tend to do my BD and write out stresses about work before settling into the evening. Brain dumps are also AMAZING for decluttering your mind. I like to do brain dumps on the weekend to get out any anxiety I might be feeling about the week ahead. But, you can do this whenever it feels best for you. Maybe everyday works – timing is completely up to you!


Some spaces should just be off limits, right? I understand that the work day doesn’t always end at 5 pm and sometimes it comes home with you. Or, if you’re like me you have a home office, it can be difficult to draw a line and know when to wrap up for the day. If you do have to bring work home or work late from home, do it, but go into your office (if you have one) or set up at the dining room table. Your bed is a space that should instantly make you feel relaxed and ready to doze off, not focus in and go to work. If you make bringing work into bed with you a habit, your brain will remember that and no longer turn off when you’re there. Just say NO!


There is something great about calling a great pal or a loved one. It just makes everything seem happy. Problems or challenges just seem to melt away. Having a friend to talk to about anything and everything after work helps to offload the stresses of the day and clear my mind. And if there’s a glass of wine involved, so much the better. Am I right??!!

How do you decompress at night? I’m always excited about getting new tips or tricks to relax. Let me know what has worked in your life!

Snooze on,

xoxo, Rosanna
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