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Let me be super honest about this next piece of advice, there is no article of clothing and or fashion strategy that will literally take weight off your body. The clothes you wear, however, and the way you wear them can make you look ten pounds lighter in seconds. While I am a lover of style and great clothing, I am not an official fashionista, the following secrets were shared by top stylists in LA, Miami, and New York–and they work! When I learned this stuff and saw the immediate difference in the way it makes my body look I thought WHY ISN’T THIS INFORMATION COMMON KNOWLEDGE? 

While it’s crucial you do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to achieving your sexy slim physique, a little optical illusion here and there is a great way to enhance the results of your slim lifestyle. I’m slim and I still use these tips EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So pay attention and then play dress up.

Wear a v-neck

It lengthens your neck and shows off your collarbone. 

Go monochromatic

Dressing in one color head to toe is the easiest slim trick of all because it creates one long, clean line and doesn’t break your body up into separate visual parts. This one also makes you look taller. It’s SUPER effective for all of you petites out there!

Buy only what you can move in

Don’t stuff yourself into clothes that don’t fit. It causes rolls and bulges even on the slimmest of women. If you have to wiggle around in the dressing room to get it on, put it back on the rack. If the fit just needs a slight adjustment, take it to a trusted tailor before you try to wear it. So worth the small investment. It will look more like a designer piece.

Practice the art of camouflage

Darker colors will minimize and lighter or shiny ones will highlight. So if you have a thicker waist, wear a brown or black belt. If you want to play down a large double D chest (I have NO clue about this one….I must have been in the ice cream line when these were handed out) , avoid wearing a gold or silver blouse.

Choose flattering fabrics

When trying to de-emphasize a “problem area” wear a crisp fabric, not clingy materials that show everything you’re trying to disguise. Conversely, when you want to show off an area of your body that you feel good about, wear the clingy materials. If you have killer legs, but a little muffin top, opt for fitted jeans with a crisp tucked-in shirt as opposed to the stretchy wool sweater and baggy jeans.

Don’t go big

Big, boxy shapes make us look bigger. I’m telling you, this is true. I learned this one firsthand on a clothing shoot a hundred years ago. I wanted to wear the cute loose-fitting chemise and they wanted me in a body hugging number. After insisting that bigger was better, when I saw the pics, I was indeed wrong. The bigger the piece of clothing, the bigger I looked. The directive to follow here comes straight from famed costume designer Edith Head, “Wear clothes loose enough to prove you’re a lady, but tight enough to prove you are a woman.” And, of course, be open to giving the other option a try. Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Tailor your clothes

You can’t expect every size 8 to fit every size 8 woman. Get a tailor you love and trust someone to fit your nicer clothes to your body. I know this can get pricey, but once you have a few, beautifully tailored staples in your wardrobe you are prepared for any event and fashion necessity. Trust me on this…it REALLY works!

Go small with prints

This one came from a shoot I did, when the stylist put me in jeans with a pattern on them. I was extremely resistant (downright crabby about it), thinking these jeans were going to make me look like I had thick legs. Wrong. They looked great and slimming, and here’s why: The smaller the pattern, the smaller you look. Thin stripes, tiny polka dots, little paisleys are the way to go when wearing a print.

Belt it

Every single stylist has told me to draw attention to my waist.  This is because it accentuates the smallest part of a woman. By tossing a belt on or over just about anything, it will help give your body a slimmer profile – just don’t over cinch. That’s how muffin tops are born. 

Pick the right pockets

There is an ideal size for a super sexy bum pocket and it’s no smaller than your palm and no bigger than your hand.  Stray outside these guidelines and you’re playing with fire (the illusion of a much bigger booty and not in a good way).  And make sure that the bottom of your pocket never dips lower than your actual bum.  

Aren’t these great?! Let me know which tip works best for your style. I’d love to hear from you.

xoxo, Rosanna
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