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The Teatro Colon is the main opera house in Buenos Aires. It is considered one of the ten best opera houses in the world by National Geographic and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world.

The architecture is magnificent and features halls of ornate carvings covered in 22k gold. The lavish furniture is imported from Paris.

We were fortunate that our visit coincided with the German Symphony’s practice hour. Here are some of the highlights of our visit.

Cutest Restaurant / Bar – Lunch or pre-theatre fare
The Grand Staircase was THE place to be seen during Theatre seasons past. The railing features 3 types of marble.
Each tile is individually laid…..
This piece featuring Cupid and his Mother was carved out of a single piece of marble. In transport from Italy her hand was damaged / she is missing two fingers. No repair was attempted because they felt the marble could not be matched.
The German Symphony
The largesse of the viewing boxes seat 6 … these shots are taken from the Presidential box which accommodates up to 20. It also features the very best viewing location in the Theatre…
The Chandelier in the center weighs in excess of ONE TON! It’s lowered to seating level one time each year to clean and replace bulbs. It is also a seating area for the children’s choir or musicians performing….they have used it to produce the “voice of God” during performances…..

There are so many beautiful spots in this building and I’m afraid I’ve used up all my luck with Argentinian Internet today…..

Have you visited Argentina? I’d love to know where you went and about any tours you’ve taken and loved! What a stunning country.

xoxo, Rosanna
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