The Park Hyatt Mendoza is a very impressive building that sits right on the main square of the city and certainly is the best located of all the city hotels. They have had to keep the original fronting for the hotel that used to be there and so have then replaced everything behind it. Because of the renovation, they also have a fantastic outside frontage where you can dine at night and during the day, overlooking the square.

The interior of the Park Hyatt Mendoza is in contrast to the outside as this is where the new building was constructed. They have, however, managed to really blend the two styles really well and so it is not overly obvious. The main hallway itself runs impressively out to the central, open, square. On either side are a tea area and the main restaurant that offers fine dining.

The rooms in the main building, set back from the central square, are also to a very high standard and have a contemporary feel to them that contrasts well. Featuring every modern convenience that you would expect from an international hotel, we actually felt the overall service was far above that of a well-know hotel in Buenos Aires (we’re being discreet here……).

Argentina seems to have these beautiful sweeping staircases in every 5 star hotel!
The hotel has ongoing art installations in the hallways
It’s Fall here and the weather if spectacular … the leaves outside our suite are changing….
Upon arrival they serve you ice cold fresh peaches in fresh nectar…and a fresh hand-made biscuit…best taste combo EVER…

If you’ve not been to this part of the world … put it on the list. The people are SO friendly and helpful … the empanadas are little pouches of HEAVEN and the steak is amazing.

This is a wonderful time of year to plan a trip ( we will be sending info out upon our return to the US…you know who you are:) Or, drop note and let us know you’d like to be a part of it next year! The weather could NOT be better.

SECRET: Our driver, Ignacio shared that the reason they have so many “squares” in town is that if they had an earthquake … you could go out into the grass area and wait it out or sleep!!!!!!! He promises it’s true…..thoughts anyone??

xoxo, Rosanna
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