Hi friends! A couple of days ago I got a Keratin Express Treatment at my hair salon and have had a few questions about the treatment and asked if I would share my review. If you have frizzy, curly, unmanageable hair especially in the humid summer… these treatments are for you! My hair might look manageable on Instagram.. but, I have to be honest, my hair is CRAZY (read: Poodle-y). The Good Doctor, friends and family would attest to it! Humidity will turn my hair into an afro in minutes, especially in South America! LOL……

First let’s talk about the different types of smoothing treatments you can do. There are three treatments that are most commonly offered in salons. I have had two of the three treatments done: Keratin Express and Brazilian Blowout.  Here is the bottom line on these treatments:

Keratin Express: Costs $100 – 200. Application takes 1.5 – 2 hours. This treatment conditions, relaxes and eliminates frizz from hair for 4-6 weeks. You only have to wait 8-12 hours before shampooing (they love it if you simply rinse your hair with water the first time) , tucking your hair behind your ears, and putting your hair up in a pony tail.

Brazilian Blowout: Costs $250 – 350 (plus tip). Application takes 2-3 hours. This treatment helps improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. You can immediately put your hair up, wash your hair, etc. There is no waiting period. Results last up to 6 months. Have done this many more times than I care to admit… works and is super long-lasting.

Full Keratin: I have not done this treatment yet. Mainly because of the time commitment. It can cost $300 plus and after the treatment is done you have to let you hair hang straight for 72 hours. No washing, putting it behind your ears, definitely no pony tails… Which means… no working out and very slimy, awful hair. Haha! Overall, this treatment just doesn’t work with most people’s schedules or lifestyles. The results from this treatment are the same as the Keratin Express but they last up to 4 months.

Pros of both the Keratin Express & Brazilian Blowout: 

  • Completely eliminates frizz for smoother hair. I can not say enough about how much this helps with styling in summer! Or, in my case ALL.YEAR.ROUND.
  • Humidity does not effect your styling.
  • Cuts down on styling time.
  • Dries much faster.

Cons of the Keratin Treatment: 

  • With the Keratin: Your hair will be straighter and not hold curl as well. I also think it made my hair a little flatter and look like it has less volume. However, it is still not enough to deter me from having the treatment again because it is so much less expensive and time consuming than the Brazilian Blowout.
  • Waiting to shampoo, put your hair up, etc. Basically you have to let you hair hang straight for a certain period of time.

Cons of both the Keratin and Brazilian Blowout:

  • Cost… it is expensive!

Which is my favorite? Hands down the Brazilian Blowout! It is much pricier, but your results also last much longer. I also really liked that you didn’t have to wait to put your hair up or behind your ears. ROSANNA TIP: If you have bangs like I do, have them skip the treatment (whatever option you choose) on that area. If I have the Keratin/Brazilian Blowout on my bangs they take on a “sweaty 8 year old on the playground look….just sayin’). Just ask your hairdresser….they are happy to accommodate!

Overall, I 100% recommend both the Keratin Express and the Brazilian Blowout if you would like straighter and/or less frizzy hair.  Definitely works major miracles on my hair in the summer (or, if traveling to humid climates anytime)!


Stay Straight,

Polaris Lounge

xoxo, Rosanna
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