I LOVE to read. Reading in my family has always been something restful and fun. I remember a couple of years ago my mother, two daughters and myself BLITZED through the “then hot” HUNGER GAMES! We spent hours on the phone….via chat and even emailing our latest thoughts on whether or not we could survive the “games”. And, of course, who would be Katniss……Great memories!

So, each year when Summer rolls around and I have a teeny bit of time in the late afternoon (providing I am not golfing…) I like to catch up on the ever-growing list of books waiting patiently to be opened. By the way, thanks to everyone who sent in their fave Summer reads in May…I am getting to them one at a time:) Appreciate you!

To that end, I’d love to share 4 of my current favorites with you just in case you are hunting for something new:

THE SHOE DOG by Phil Knight / I could NOT put this book down! I’ve given it to EVERYONE for EVERY occasion for the past two years. Read it if you’ve not had the chance. It will forever change your ideas about Nike and business!

EDUCATED by Tara Westover / I am amazed by this woman’s sheer will and discipline. Tara did not see the inside of a classroom until she was 17! She ends up in Cambridge ….AREN’T WOMEN AMAZING!!!!???? I am blown away by this story and I know you will be too. Read it NOW.

THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy / Just wading into this one and LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it for it’s practical and actionable tips. I am hoping to use some of the wisdom in this book on my grand kiddo Kendall.

THE NAKED MIND by Annie Grace / WOW! I was referred to this book by a dear friend who had decided to make this Summer her “detox” season. It’s a great read and education for anyone who partakes of the cocktail occasionally or consistently. I was so shocked by the effects this magic elixir has on our bodies AND our brains. No judgement here…..just saying it’s an amazing read.

Curl up on the porch swing and enjoy…..let me know which one you chose and what you thought!

Keep reading ……keep learning!

xoxo, Rosanna
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