ok… was sort of a dare ……

Let me just get right down to it…I am crazy about this book! It’s on my 4 Must-Reads for this Summer if you saw the blog this week you’ll recognize the title.

Darren Hardy has managed to write a book so simple, so actionable, so clear that I cannot believe I am just now reading it. This is the stuff we all learned as kiddos and forget now and then…..your Nana and Gampie would have shared these basic tools with you while sharing they had to walk uphill in snow BOTH ways to school when they were young!

The Compound Effect is based on 6 principles laced with quotes from the likes of Jim Rohn, This book was featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today as a Bestseller. But Darren Hardy is not just an author. He was actually the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine for 10 years before he moved on. He’s also known for being mentored by Jim Rohn (one of my favorite authors of all time!). 

Hardy talks about how people’s biggest achievements will depend on the small things they do daily. That’s because small daily choices, even though they seem not to matter, will compound over time. It’s about the idea that small consistent actions over time will always beat big, fast results. Therefore, we shouldn’t chase big killer gains or make dramatic changes. We should instead start small, build a habit and wait for the Compound Effect to kick in.

The Compound Effect reviews many examples, case studies and real life stories. By doing this, Hardy drills in the fact that The Compound Effect is always working. You can’t really switch it off. Whether you’re making good choices, bad choices or no choice at all, over time each choice will compound. So the only question is whether you want The Compound Effect to work for you or against you. So if you want to become successful, live a fulfilled and healthy life or want to have a better relationship, you need to start small, start now and do it daily.

There are sooooo many little nuggets of wisdom in this book I cannot do it justice in one blog. So, I will share his THREE part homework and leave you to it….whatever you are working on these days in your life. No pressure. Just begin!

Darren Hardy Action Plan:

  1. WRITE DOWN YOUR NUMBER 1 GOAL FOR 2019: This can be improving your health or relationships or scaling your business for growth. Doesn’t matter. Choose one and write it down. Keep it someplace you can see it
  2. WRITE DOWN “WHY” THIS GOAL IS IMPORTANT NOW: Again, it’s whatever you want the goal to be…what made you want to do this now as opposed to 5 years from now or earlier in life? The “why” is your ultimate motivator.
  3. WRITE DOWN 3 HABITS YOU’D LIKE TO TAKE ACTION ON: If you want to improve your health, what three things can you do to make small changes and feel better. If you are coping with sleep challenges, you could start turning the TV off 2 hours prior to bedtime and relax with a good book or music. Whatever it is…do it now!

I hope this book will be as riveting and useful for you as it was for me. This evening, I’m giving it to one of the kids. It’s THAT good!

Let me know if you write your goals down already. Which parts of this book were most impactful for you? What new things are you doing to create the lifestyle you really want to live?


xoxo, Rosanna
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