I am always amazed by women and their accomplishments. You can stack the deck against them but, they still rise!

An example of “rising against the tide” is  General West. I had not heard about this Doctor who became the U S Army Surgeon General.  The Good Doctor sent this article to me … an extraordinary human … and female. What an inspiring story.

In December 2015, LTG West became the 44th Army Surgeon General. The Army’s first black woman lieutenant general and the highest ranking woman to graduate from West Point. After earning her bachelors degree in engineering at the United States Military Academy, she went on to earn her doctorate at the George Washington University School of Medicine, specializing in family medicine and dermatology. Throughout her entire Army career, she served in almost every command position and was deployed numerous times. After 37 years of service, General West retired from the Army last week. “Seek out mentors,” General West says. “Be obnoxious about it. I was a little timid. I didn’t want to bother anyone.” But her advice is more specific: “Find someone you want to emulate. We are all drawn to people who look like us, but pick a diverse group of mentors. Make it known that you really want to learn, and mentors will go out of their way to help you.” 

An inspiration to all young women who are now serving or are considering the military as a career path and to women everywhere!

I love her quote on finding a Mentor. Pick someone “hard to get to” it will make learning from them even better.

Keep Learning / Keep Reaching,

xoxo, Rosanna
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