Are you over scheduling your life? Do you find yourself completely worn out at the end of the day?

Most of us are raising our hands at this point, right?! We tend to take care of OTHER peoples needs before our own. Now, let’s be reasonable, I’m not talking about taking care of the kids (or fur babies). These littles need their food and love……although there are times when I could be doing something else. Just kidding.
No, I’m talking about all of the “other/outside” things. People that suck up our time. Emails that cleverly lure us into learning about that fabulous seminar coming next week or, that one thing we need thats on the next page. Before you know it, our calendars are full of things we don’t really want to do and we wonder why we’ve run out of time for ourselves!
We end up saying “sure….absolutely” to others and “flat out NO” to ourselves.

But what about the people that need you? People you look after in your everyday life…your spouse, partner, parents, siblings, friends, whomever…
Consider this – if you are exhausted and trying to take care of others you are not giving them the best of yourself! What naturally happens next is resentment that builds up into TOTAL PSYCHO NUTJOB behavior at lightening speed (you know who you are, right? I know you know what I’m saying:)

The SUPERHERO thing is alive and well.

Here’s the thing….BIG memo here. You don’t have to do it all AND you don’t have to do it perfectly! There I said it. It may appear that everyone else is doing everything and doing it darn well…..they’re not. It’s a little mis-perception….an evil trick played on you by your mind. Don’t believe it.
When life comes at you (and it will) and the shit hits the fan, you need to be rested and strong enough to get through it.

So, eat well and recharge while you can and if the thing or person asking for your time is not an ABSOLUTE YES, don’t do it. PERIOD. Take that time and do something that feeds your soul.

Try saying YES to less time spent doing things you don’t want to do. Try saying YES to dropping those things/relationships that add stress to your life. Be patient….research tells us that it takes 30 days to form a new habit. Give yourself that time.

And while learning this healthy new habit …..say your “nos” in a nice way, of course. Do not be a bi_ch. This is an obvious point…..but, just wanted to make sure we were clear here…..


xoxo, Rosanna
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