What is keeping you from living the healthy lifestyle you want to live? Whether it’s travel, fitness, health, wellness, business or plain old living…. We took some time to chat with our followers and find out what they thought was keeping them from their Bucket List or achieving their goals.

It looked like this:

“I just don’t have time…maybe when things settle down….” # 1 response…..hands down.

Let’s be clear …. it is highly likely life is not going to “settle down” and offer you so much time that you can really plan your next big “to do”. Just start NOW. What is the first thing you really want to do and get going.

“I have a “to do” list….but I just cannot get to everything…”

Let’s consider that you may be focusing on the wrong list. Let’s create a “DO NOT DO” list instead. I’ll share mine first:

Surfing Social Media.

Watching the latest “must” series on Netflix (chronic bingeing).

Texting endlessly back and forth … just pick up the phone and call!

Unnecessary online meetings or industry trainings.

Shopping for things I do not need. Hello Amazon truck again.


Getting drawn into gossip.

Okay, your turn … what is on your list?

Let’s age backwards and dump waste!

I going for MORE time for this…..
PHOTO: private Island of Azura off coast of Mozambique


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xoxo, Rosanna
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