I have been reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book “Leadership in Turbulent Times” and was impressed with the traits she attributed to Abraham Lincoln.  My thought while reading was that these particular traits could also be applied to our own work / personal lives.  My favorites are:

Understand the emotional needs of each member of the team.  This understanding can be applied to our families, relationships and a business. Not everyone reacts to a situation in the same manner…try to give some slack to those who require more time for processing.

Refuse to let past resentments fester: transcend personal vendettas.  I think we can all recall instances when we had to forgive someone.  The important thing is that the wrongs do not recur.

Set a standard of mutual respect and dignity; control anger.  We all get angry and want to rip somebody apart whether in person or by email.  Stop and wait for 24 hours before sending that email.  If you are still angry, make sure that when you do sound off you allow that person to retain some element of dignity.  Don’t stoop to their level. Always take the high road..I have, on occasion, left a body in the driveway….you almost always feel awful about it. Just sharing…no judgement.

Shield colleagues from blame.  When you are the head honcho, it is ultimately your responsibility when things go wrong.  Yes, someone down the line may have made a really bad decision but it is ultimately you who let this go through. Take time to speak with the maker of “boo-boos” in a private spot.

Find ways to cope with pressure, maintain balance, replenish energy.  We all need time to recharge whether it is our family, relationships or a business.  For me it is a good sweat.  For others it may be quiet time or just reading a book or meditating.  Whatever it is that allows you to cope with pressure and recharge, identify it and do it! I am also a HUGE fan of “sitting in the dark” as it’s known in my world. I love nothing more than “alone” time at home to recharge. The dark part is optional….it is a thing!

Keep your word.  Our younger children and grandchildren teach us this – make a “pinky promise” and you better keep it.  This works with everything we do, whether it is family or business. I actually sweat when Missy K gets the “pinky” swear thing out….its SO much pressure. Seriously!

Maintain perspective in the face of both accolades and abuse.  My take on this one …. Tim McGraw may have said it best “always stay humble and kind.”


Wander Until Found and keep Aging Backwards,

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xoxo, Rosanna
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