One of my favorite things about traveling the World is that I get to meet some pretty incredible women. It never fails…I end up in the ladies room and learn something inspiring from another woman who has a minute to chat. The woman in this photo is such an inspiration. The story we’ve all heard but, her guts and fight were not….married young to an abusive male…they have a daughter….more “not so much fun”…this woman makes a clear and strong decision to take her daughter out of the circumstance. Better to have a hard time and be criticized by a culture that believes woman should stay in their relationships NO MATTER WHAT than to raise a daughter watching ongoing abuse. Both are happy and flourishing these days. Women are amazing….tough, resilient and kick ass brave. Which, of course, is what thrills me about supporting other women.

Which brings me to our actual topic of discussion today. What are you tolerating in your life, work, whatever today? You DO have the power to change it! Do you spend too much time around people who do not support your life/work/personal goals? Is someone zapping your energy? Bad relationship?

When you allow negative energy to get into your head and control your life it becomes difficult to get ride of it. Why is that? Because we tend to become complacent in situations that no longer serve us. We become comfortable and believe this is as good as it is going to get or hope the situation will be short-lived and work itself out without too much effort. You need to take action to get rid of negative energy. If you do not take action to protect yourself and your energy, then the awful behavior, negative energy and unhappiness will continue.

When clients or friends share negative things going on in their lives, the questions I ask: “What DID you do to change it?” and “What would you like to happen with this situation?”

When you ask yourself those questions, you will discover that you already know the answer. We must find the strength to pull ourselves out of unhealthy situations so we no longer simply tolerate life, but rather LIVE life to the fullest.

Are you tolerating a life rather than living a great one? Here are a couple of actionable tips you can use right now. Use these (whatever parts work for you) to create healthier boundaries.


Make yourself the number one priority. That means protecting your “Yes’s” and saying “NO” without long, guilty explanation. If the people in your life cannot appreciate these new healthy boundaries and, if they cannot meet you in the middle, then it may be time to reevaluate those relationships.   


If possible, make the investment to spend some time talking to a professional. They can help you see things through different eyes and embrace new ways to walk through life. 


The only person you can control in life is YOU, and you are living the life you tolerate. Although we like to think we can control our children or significant others, the truth is we cannot. We can influence their behavior, but at the end of the day, we cannot control their mind or emotions. Anyone whose ever had a teenager in their home will recognize this one…Therefore, shift that energy and focus on how you react to certain situations and take back your control. Sometimes the best reaction is none at all…LOTS of power in that, right?

Not every issue is as life-threatening as the story at the beginning but, even small negative annoyances can drive you crazy after a while. What is one thing you’d like to change to live your best life?



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xoxo, Rosanna
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