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Yes, it’s the thing to do!

When I first got my Keurig machine, I could not use it enough…I practically forced everyone who came through my door to have a cup of coffee…whether or not they really even wanted one. There were “pods” and “options” and lots of goodies….a thrilling kitchen gadget. I was smitten.

Then, I began to hear about offices that found animals nestled into the back of their Keurigs (Thank you Insta for that visual). I moved my coffee maker to the back of the shelf……I had assumed that since hot water ran through it, it was sort of self-cleaning. Wrong again my caffeine-addicted friend!

So, I made the decision to get it our and thoroughly sterilize it. It was life-changing. Have you cleaned yours yet?

The reality of these coffee makers (your drip maker is the same way) is that they tend to get mineral build-up in their interior working parts. They also harbor gross bacteria which not only affects your coffee taste but, lessens the lifetime of your gadget and could possibly make you sick.

The take-away here is: If you cannot tell your bestie the last time you cleaned this beast, you probably need to do it NOW. Here is how to do it.


*White vinegar or Keurig solution

*A large mug

*Lots of water


STEP 1 – you’ll want to unplug your machine and take the water container off. Empty if out, then remove the water filter.

STEP 2 – If using vinegar to clean, fill the water container halfway with white vinegar, then fill the rest with water. If using solution, use entire bottle in the tank then fill rest of container with water.

STEP 3 – Run your machine a few times. Plug your Keurig back in. Place the mug underneath the spout, start the brew cycle using the largest setting. The larger the cup, the faster the process goes. This is done WITHOUT a K-cup in the machine.

Once the brew is done, empty and repeat. Let your machine rest for 30 minutes so insides soak. Power can be left on for this part.

STEP 5 – Remove water container and rinse it out. Fill with fresh water and run the machine a couple more times to remove any vinegar taste.

Keurig suggests this procedure be done EVERY 3 MONTHS.

KEEP BREWING and Age Backwards,

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xoxo, Rosanna
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