OK, we ALL know that we are supposed to hand-wash or soak our delicates. When is the last time……if EVER you did it? I always try to shortcut and include it in the “steam” cycle or gentle rinse…..then sling it over the drying rack by the straps (a HUGE no no) until its dry. Not even close to the “delicate” category, right?

So, I was doing some research and came across this super tricky way to get the job done with this equally clever kitchen gadget. I know I’ve ALWAYS had one of these…..they kind of surface for a while and then return to the inner depths of the cabinet.

On to the BIG reveal….you need some Baby Shampoo or Dr. Bonner’s organic soap (my personal fave). Add 2 T of soap to warm, clean water in the spinner. A little over half-full. Gently smoosh (techie wording) your bra down into the water making sure it’s wet. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. Start spinning. After a few spins…..empty the water. What you get here is grey water…..products, sweat, perfume, skin……ewwwwwww!

Refill the spinner and take another spin. Once the water is clear, gently pat the bra on a thick towel. You know I said I hang mine by the straps…..remember that thing your mother did when you were growing up? “Do as I say…not as I do…” well, here it is in spades. Lay your lingerie to dry on a thick, absorbent towel.

That was much more fun that trying to untangle the piece from the “paddles” in the washer, right?

Spin On,

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xoxo, Rosanna
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