If you know me at all, you know that Fall in the Rockies is my favorite time of year. Hands down, my absolute favorite season, filled with starry nights in Vail, yellow Aspen trees and a certain “snap” of expectation in the air. The heat begins to lift, and a smile spreads across my face as I begin to think about year-end, goals and holidays (ok, ski season!). I love the sense of urgency created by the shorter days and cooler mornings. Dolce and I seem to have more of a “skip” to our early jaunts around the lake this time of year. Either that, or she’s really jogging to get home and back to the fireplace…….and, what about that late afternoon Fall sun???? puuurrrfffeeecccttt Insta shots, right?

I think I grew up thinking that September was the signal that my summer frolicking on the beach was at an end (we went home and back to school right after Labor Day). Time for school, new friends and old, and the holidays. We’d go back home and check out the fresh crop of parrots in trees. Before you begin to think I lived in a jungle…..let me explain. Our property backed up to the Arboretum. As such, our pool area was visited daily by parrots and peacocks (much to the pool man’s chagrin). This provided hours of fun hunting for new arrivals every day. September was also the signal that a shopping trip to Lake St was on the calendar. New school supplies, shiny Mary Janes and fresh uniforms (AND party clothing) were waiting! September just mean fresh everything…..

That feeling has stayed with me, and as summer begins to wrap up I’m instantly recharged. I begin planning the year-end, thinking of ways I can infuse more excitement into myself and my work. Keep ya posted on this … some thrilling NEW things on the horizon. Be sharing SOON.

As a Nana, I now watch Missy K stroll the isles carefully laying out her color scheme and design selection for folders, pencils and goodies. The clothing aspect goes on for days……..

I AM ADDICTED TO OFFICE SUPPLIES. ANY EXCUSE to buy cute folders, matching pencils and random glittery staplers… Who says that all of this joy belongs to Missy K and her posse? I look forward to celebrating Fall with beautiful, shiny items. A new glass calendar for the wall, pretty pens, a new coffee mug (ok, I’m struggling with my attempt to drink tea on alternating mornings. Anyone? Is there a support group for this?)

I AM A SCENT-FREAK! THERE, I SAID IT…I NEED a constant and never-ending supply of candles for my office (and home). I end up burning through these pretty quickly so I tend to “hoard” them by ordering online by the dozen. Just sounds wrong, right? Anyway, I must have pumpkin….vanilla, lemon and grapefruit and fig. I find that the citrus-y scents are so amazing for a quick WAKE UP in the morning. Ever tried these in your bathroom? Candles make me smile.

BYE BYE SUMMER FROCKS…Just as you thought you couldn’t look at those cottons one more time…it’s gone. Time to put them away (or toss if the piece was on CONSTANT repeat) and roll our the delicious fabrics of cooler weather. I can never wait to touch these pieces after a long summer of lightweight fabrics. Sweaters, boots, blazers…..I’m sweating just thinking about it….I do my “turnover” at the end of this month……cannot wait. One thing I’ve been seeing non-stop is the “capsule” collection concept. Do you know about this? You purchase “x” pieces, all of which work with the “foundation” pieces and you have a limitless, non-time consuming bit of elegance you can wear all season long!

HOW AM I FEELING??? After spending three months in heat and low energy, I like to take a bit to really think about my year-end health, wellness and fitness goals. What new kinds of workout can I integrate? Am I happy with those new probiotics I tried in Spring? Time for a little darker shade of hair color for the Fall? All of these things are “ritual” as I welcome my favorite time of year. What types of things do you do to transition from Summer to Fall?



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xoxo, Rosanna
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