It’s been a year or so since we hosted our “memorial service” for our hard-working golf cart. It perished in the Club’s cart barn fire while the clubhouse was being rebuilt. We had a small but tasteful gathering and toasted her years of reliable and fun service (who kept those glasses of wine and martinis colder than she did while we hacked up the grass?!) Anyway….

As the stars came out and the tinkle of glasses wore on I heard a remark from one of my friends. She was feeling INVISIBLE. What??? She is one of the most talented, gorgeous and thoughtful women on the planet and she was feeling the pinch of being “not 25” in today’s culture. She’d been in New York and was shopping….she told the story of trying to get some sort of service in a store she’d invested in pretty heavily over the years (I think you know what I mean here…without alerting hubbies and SOs….). WOW. I was shocked.

Are you aware that there was a huge study of women who are between 50 and 65? They refer to this group as the “elastic generation”. I was mesmerized by the highlights of the study and though I would share it with you today.

  • Almost two-thirds of the female panel say they are loving life.
  • Eight out of ten say they care less now what others think of them than they did in their younger years
  • 68% say they are more outspoken these days.
  • They are active, engaged and involved
  • They’re living life to the fullest, not slowing down at all!

Inspite of these shiny findings, more than 50% of the women they polled feel that their age now makes them invisible to society. We’ve cautioned about the dangers of applying broad stereotypes, and the common (and frankly outrageous and outdated) narrative around aging that assumes those over 50 to be on their way to God’s waiting room. Age no longer dictates how a person lives. Physical capacity, financial circumstances and mindset arguably have far greater influence. And there’s no fixed pattern for how any of us grows older.

This is the EXACT reason for my starting The New Face of 60. I personally hear the “well, I should slow down….I’ve earned it….I’m over 50..” thing all of the time. Enough. We can move more and live better. Let’s change the manner in which those of us over 50 are viewed. Are you with me?



xoxo, Rosanna
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