It seems we are moving at light speed these days…all of those tricky electronic devices we own streaming jillions of bits of information at us It’s not wonder we feel like we cannot keep up. But, every once in a while, something comes across the old superhighway of information that makes me sit still long enough to soak up some of it’s genius.

Of course, I’m referring to “Life Hacks”. An app my daughter told me about a while back….I’m just now getting some time to actually look at it. It’s AMAZING. Have you seen it?

I thought I would share some of my favorite hacks with you:

DID you know…that spiders will not cross citrus? Just put some citrus oil in a spray bottle and spray your window sills or bottom of doors…..they cannot stand the smell.

Running low on battery? Put your phone in “airplane mode” and it’ll charge faster….genius!

Leftover coffee in the morning? Make coffee ice cubes, which will cool down your coffee without diluting it….unless you are me and love the feel of sizzling tongue tissue when your coffee is rockin’ hot!

Mosquito bite? Apply a hot spoon onto the spot. Heat destroys the itching reaction. I could have saved my children YEARS of humiliation being coated with Calamine Lotion!

If you buy something from Amazon and the price goes down within 30 days, email them and they will send you the difference! As far as I’m concerned, this offsets the obsessive daily shopping I do on Amazon…

Want to download a YouTube video? Just add “ss” to the URL between “www.” and “YouTube.”

Run your bacon under cold water before cooking it. Doing so will reduce shrinkage up to 50%. I was hoping for 50% of the calories… can dream, right?

When ordering coffee, ask for a medium in a large cup. The baristas will have to estimate the amount in a medium, so you get more coffee than you paid for……this is a little desperate but, I am NOT judging….been there in that line before….waiting to caffeinate…..whatever it takes.

Use a blow dryer to instantly defog any mirror. Have used this one many times in hotels….magical!

If you get buried under snow in an avalanche, spit and saliva will follow gravity. Dig in opposite direction. Not planning on this but…genius!

Get Wi-Fi password to almost anywhere by checking the comments section on Foursquare. Yasssss, no more asking 5 people!!!! This is a life-changer for me.

There are SO many great, easy tips on this app I could go on forever……try it and let me know what you think.



xoxo, Rosanna
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