I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR…..but, my favorite time of the year is here … ALREADY. Is it just me or, are the years flying by??? While many are “going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house”, others are heading to far-flung, exotic destinations.  I think you know where I stand in this….the farther and more remote, the better. Over the weekend, The Good Doctor came across an article on Flyer Talk (where else would he be) that has some great tips so you can wisely “Wander Until Found”.  Here are some tips to help you travel in style without hassle:

VISA – NOT the fun “charge-y” kind…..Check to insure you are aware of the Visa requirements of the places that you plan to visit.  Some countries require the traditional Passport stamped Visa while others have electronic visas.  Still others may let you purchase a Visa upon arrival.  Be sure you have some cash or credit cards for this….we’ve seen lots of college kids caught unaware at the gate…..they will NOT let you “slide” on this fee. Be prepared. You can find individual requirements here https://www.travisa.com/

PASSPORT – we talked about this in other blogs but it bears repeating.  Many countries require that your Passport has validity for 3-6 months after either arrival OR departure.  This site can help:


PASSPORT – If your passport is getting full, check to ensure that you have 2 blank facing pages.  Some countries have this as a requirement.

PROOF OF ONWARD TRAVEL – Some countries require proof of onward travel.  Ensure that you have copies of all of your onward flights with you before you depart. If you’ve forgotten to do this….or, were rushing and plain old “forgot”, have someone email pics of the printouts to you….as long as they can verify the info, you are good to go!

The full article can be found here https://www.flyertalk.com/articles/5-entry-requirements-you-need-to-check-before-traveling-internationally.html

As always Travel Safely (have major fun) and Wander Until Found,

xoxo, Rosanna
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